(too many) Thursday Thoughts

::: I knew after Thanksgiving work was going to get crazy, but no matter how much preparing you do, it still seems to catch up with you. After today it'll start slowing down until the New Year which is a very nice bonus. 

::: Both Joel and I are very used to having me work from home with the ability and flexibility in my job to also manage to keep the house running. It's a very nice gig and It's actually been somewhat fulfilling to see things not run as smoothly without me. Another reminder to be thankful for the job I do have.

::: Sunday after Christmas shopping, Joel and I grabbed happy hour and then decided to go see Wild. The movie was good, but was very grief focused which I couldn't handle. I spent all two hours of the movie crying and ended up scratching the lense of my eye, so I've been in glasses all week.

::: Maybe it always is, but it feels like it has been a very busy season of life for us. Filled to the brim with goodness, but seriously feel like I'm in a constant state of chaos.

::: Although it's hectic, I'm determined to make time for my favorite holiday things; driving around to see decorated houses, listening to Christmas music and catching on Christmas movies, decorating Christmas cookies, and just trying to enjoy the season as much as possible.

::: Our wine fridge is actually overloaded, and it's been a fun problem to have. Joel got a few great deals on cases and my cousin Erin got a new job as a wine sales rep and she keeps bringing over extra bottles for us. 

::: We leave for Mexico on the 27th, which I actually can't believe. That's just 16 days away!! I actually can't even think about it until the 26th because I don't have room in my brain, but I'm pretty positive that I'm not looking forward to getting into a bathing suit any time soon. 

::: It has been actually hard for me to come up with a Christmas list for myself. I think my problem is that gifts that are affordable, I buy for myself and everything else I want....is far over Santa's budget...so this year, everything I get from Joel or my parents will be a total surprise because I really couldn't offer much help to them.

::: I've also been counting wrapping presents as a workout

10 Christmas Cocktails to keep you sane during the holidays. @nicsita is so good to me!!

Hope you're having a good week!


  1. I hear you... My brain is in over drive right now! It's crazy!

  2. I randomly stumbled onto the book WILD, without knowing it was being made into a movie. The book was pretty good, but there was a decent amount of grief in it too.

    Your Christmas picture is super pretty. There's always so much to do, but it's important to slow down and enjoy the season.

    A Cousin as a wine rep, LUCKY LADY! new follower!

  3. Good for you! I love hearing that people are making time to enjoy Christmas. I am struggling, so it is inspirational. So much is going on right now. JEALOUS OF MEXICO!!

  4. Your house looks beautiful decorated for Christmas. I'd take time to enjoy that sight too! I still need to get a tree! Too much wine sounds like a terrible problem to have :). I hate movies that make me cry (which drives my husband crazy because he loves a good movie, sad or not).

  5. I totally feel ya...I had a moment last week where I felt SO overwhelmed. It's all worth it in the end though when your loved ones open up those gifts that you hand picked for them. :)

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