Weekend Report

The weather on Thursday night in LA was pretty crazy - downtown even had a touchdown tornado. We were safe and fine, but at 2:45 the government cell phone warning thing went off, and literally scared the shit out of us. My blood pressure never went back down enough to fall back asleep, but I was able to enjoy the sound of rain for a solid 3 hours before I finally got out of bed.

 Before my cousins got into town on Friday, I got my cut and colored. My hair has been getting so dark if I don't keep up with it, and it's still not as blonde as I would like, but I'm officially a short hair kinda girl.

For dinner Friday night, my cousins Nick and Cole (and their wives) and Joel and I went to dinner at The Hungry Cat. We had such a fun time and filled ourselves to the brim on seafood and champagne, and the only damn picture I took was this. 

Saturday the four of us and Roscoe went on a pretty tough hike and if you can peak past Roscoe, you can even see a little snow that some of the mountains got. 


After our hike and breakfast outside, Dre and I went to get massages. Nick and Dre had a holiday party for Nick's company, so once they left for dinner, Joel and I made pizzas, moscow mules, and watched Miracle on 34th Street. 

Sunday morning Joel snapped this picture of Roscoe a little too comfortable in our bed.

Roscoe normally sleeps in his kennel, but when we have guests over we let him sleep in our room since his kennel is in the guest room.

My cousin's left early Sunday morning and the only thing Joel and I had to do was plan our trip to Napa in January. After 3 solid hours, we've got a pretty fantastic trip planned. I don't want the holidays to end, but it's nice to have something to look forward to in mid-January. 

hanging chandeliers

I can't believe this is the last week to get ready for Christmas - and for us - Mexico! 
Tis the season.

Tis the season.


  1. We are doing Napa for our one year anniversary!

  2. Ahhh I'm jealous of your mexico trip! Love your hairdo!

  3. Love your hair and AAAAHHHHHH Mexico, take me with you!

  4. Mexico!! So jealous! Your hair looks great. Moscow mules, pizza and miracle on 34th sounds like the perfect night!

  5. Looks like yall had such a good weekend! I am loving your short hair, makes me want to go back to my bob! Hope you all are having a wonderful Holiday season so far and so jealous of your upcoming trip! xoxo Emily

  6. Your hair is so cute!! I too had a blonde touch up... and it's still dark. Wah, does that mean we are getting old?