Five on Friday



Weather wise, this has probably been my most favorite week in Los Angeles....ever! Our weather is always close to perfect, so to have 3 days this week that were cool, rainy, and windy was basically my heaven. Roscoe was not a fan of the rain, and neither was our dry earth here in LA, but I really loved the chance to cozy up and just enjoy the rain.

After our Thanksgiving bender, I needed more than a few days to detox so Joel I tried to be  intentional about getting into bed really early this week, working out, and keeping things light around here (I need a few months of that, but life goes on!)

My (current) favorite tea is this gem from Trader Joe's....it's a good one after dinner because it's very soothing but feels *kind of* like a treat.

Did you watch? Whoa, it's good. It was intense, funny, sad, and real. The first two episodes were on my OnDemand and I couldn't leave the room while they were on. Joel and I watched one together, and I could tell it really freaked him out. Watching the breakdown of a marriage is not exactly light, but the show was good and I'm anxious to see where it goes throughout the season. 

comfort & joy
I have to work a conference most of the weekend, so besides a little Christmas shopping on Sunday, we're not doing too much around here. I hate how fast Christmas seems to be creeping up so I'm trying to spend as many nights at home in front of the tree, and basking in some of the holiday fun as I can.


  1. I got the same tea and I love it! It was a little weird at first but I really like it now.

  2. I needed a major detox in a bad, bad way!

  3. Oh gosh, I was the same way after Thanksgiving weekend - major detox needed! Tea always helps with that.. I just wish we had a Trader Joe's here. That is one Chicago thing I'm really missing!

  4. aww i am sad i missed girlfriends guide, i really wanted to see it. I am hoping to catch up on this weekend.