Five on Friday

O N E  

 My how things can change in a week.....I really like afternoons filled with good books and a cold beer.

T W O 

We had heard that Jessica Alba and her family were in Punta Mita while we were there, and then when we got through security at the Puerta Vallarta airport, low and behold, Jessica and her family were right behind us. Of course I had to secretly stalk and basically watched their interactions for a solid hour before we all boarded. My takeaway? She's really, really attractive and so is her husband and they seem as down to earth as you could be - although she did reapply her makeup twice while I was watching.

T H R E E 
This is how Roscoe feels after he had to get shaved this week.

F O U R 
Ok, so I just got NetFlix and I just started New Girl. I'm aware I'm behind the times on both of these, but both are game changers. 

I randomly decided to start New Girl in its third season and I've been actually laughing out loud during every episode I've seen since. 

F I V E  
Joel leaves for a business trip on Sunday morning, so our weekend is pretty low key. Besides a friend's BBQ on Saturday, we're trying to keep it chill and undo some of the damage we've down to our bodies over the last three weeks. 



  1. We started watching New Girl a few months back and love it! Watch Parks and Rec next. It may be even funnier than New Girl! So cool you saw Jessica Alba!! I'd totally be a stalker too. Interesting she applied her makeup twice because it looks like she doesn't have any on. I'm sure that's the point though!
    Ally - Life as I know it

  2. Pretty cool about Jessica Alba, I probably would've watched her the entire time too haha. My SIL just introduced me to New Girl - SO funny!

    Have a great weekend!

  3. Poor Roscoe! My dog hides when we tell her it's time to do her nails. And I would totally be peeping Jessica Alba, too.

  4. Hah poor puppy, it took me a second to spot him. The Jessica Alba sighting is awesome but makeup reapplication twice? Girl is silly! Happy weekend :)

  5. I probably would've stared at Jessica Alba the whole time too. haha

    Love New Girl, so funny! Schmidt is the best, along with Winston. They're my faves.