Fresh Start

I like that we get a chance to clean up our act with the New Year. I know resolutions get a major eye roll because they're normally forgotten by the 20th, but it's refreshing to look back at 2014 and decide parts of my life I want to keep, and find the areas that need a little refining. 

And I guess even if they last twenty days, better than zero, right? 
Do something everyday

I wanted to label this resolution as One a Day but Joel said it sounded too much like a vitamin commercial, so we're going with the above.

I'm a pretty active worker outer - but on my off days - I find myself too off. Like, because I've claimed it an "off" day I won't even take the dog on a 15 minute walk. 

No more of that in 2015. If I'm not having a defined workout (class, hike, or run) than I need to find 20 minutes to stretch, walk, or lift light weights. 

Not hard and makes me feel better mentally and physically. 

Tone it Down
This one is a weird one, but if you know me, you might get it. I have a tendency to overcompensate for energy in the room. If there is a lull at a dinner party, I'll fill it because I don't like the awkwardness. If someone is quiet, I will try to balance them by being too loud. When I'm with groups, I often feel very "on" and less real - and quite frankly it's exhausting.

Stay Present
The days can seem long, but the years are short, and I want to focus in on what I'm doing, who I'm with, and what I'm bringing to this world. Making a conscious effort to keep the phone and ipad at bay when I'm on the couch with Joel, not stressing about the future or the past, and just being more mindful will really help me stay in the moment.
Every positive change in your life begins with a clear, unequivocal decision that you are going to either do something or stop doing something.
I have about sixty other things that I could add or subtract from life to make me, my relationships, my health, my job, my attitude, whatever better....but I'll tackle those things day by day.  Here is to a memorable, exciting, happy, healthy, and loving new year!
Funny New Year's Ecard: my new years resolution should have been to stop kidding myself that i'll make a lifestyle change this year. no one likes a cheap, skinny, sober bitch anyway.
But really.


  1. Being present is a major problem I have. I'm always on my phone! My mind is always running and I can always think of something to google. It's really a problem. Theo told me last night that I must be the smartest person around because I'm always on my smartphone. Totally was sarcastic because he's tired of me always being on it! It's a hard habit to break but I need to at least try!
    Ally - Life as I know it

  2. Love all of these and loved reading the "tone it down." Wish I got to spend time with you in real life and we could cover those awkward, silent moments together :) That last e-card is spot on because of course we all need to spend less, exercise more and consume less alcohol!! BORING :) hehe

  3. I love that last cartoon SO much.