A Day in the Life [with a 1 month old]

No two days are the same around here, but I wanted to document what a somewhat average day is looking like. These days slip by fast, and I know I'll love looking back at that this sweet time.

4:30am - 
Right now Leo is giving us about 4 or 4.5 hour stretches at night, which is about as good as it gets. Joel gives him a bottle at 9:30 so I try and sneak into bed a little beforehand to get a long stretch, and then I'm up between 1-2am and 4-5am. 

7:00am - Joel wakes me up as he leaves for work and Leo is still sleeping, so I take advantage and try and get the bed made and my teeth brushed as quickly as possible. Joel gets my cup of coffee ready every morning (which is adorable) and by 7:45, Leo is up and at 'um.

8:00am -Leo takes a morning bottle (about 3 oz) in just about 15 minutes

8:15am - After his bottle, I pump and try and eat breakfast. Normally Leo will happily hang out in his swing, but this morning he wasn't having it so I set him up in the boppy right next to me. This was a little overly ambitious and I felt like Heidi Klum could basically eat it with her instagram picture of "multitasking". Do you remember that? She was breastfeeding and getting her hair done and make-up done at the same time...

I haven't found a breastfeeding app I like so we just keep track of feedings old school style 

8:30am - After I get him changed for the day, we try a few (10) minutes of playtime and then get him ready for a morning nap. 

8:40am - He is down thanks to the miracle blanket and the sound machine so it's high time to get as much done as I can in what could be 30 minutes or upwards of an hour and a half. 

9:00am - I knew today was going to be hectic, so I showered last night. I run a curler through my hair, slap on some makeup, and wear the same outfit that I wore three times last week. And Leo is happily sleeping in his Rock and Play in the room while I get ready.

9:30am - I capitalize on his sleep time and chug out a few thank you notes and make a mini grocery list for the week. I'm attempting to make two dinners this week.

9:45am - I finish up watching the Today show and before I know it Leo is up and ready to be fed again.

10:33am - Lately during the day when I'm nursing I like to sit on the couch with the Boppy. He nurses for about 23 minutes before he decides he's done.

11:00am - Thankfully we have a grocery store about 3 blocks away, so we are walking up to Sprouts today for a quick trip.

 11:30am - Leo loves his stroller and sleeps whenever he is in it, so he was a good boy at the grocery store which was much appreciated.

 11:50am - We're back home and Leo is asleep in his stroller so I try to quickly power eat. I picked up a bagged salad at Sprouts, and am having a leftover brat from this weekend.

12:30 - I nurse Leo, get him changed, and load him back into the stroller because we have his 1-month appointment at his pediatrician in Beverly Hills

1:50pm - We see the doctor and Leo gets a clean bill of health! He clocked in at 7lbs 10.5oz and 20 and 3/4 inches. He had to get one shot, but took it like a champ, and we were back in the car by 2:30.

3:00pm - I put together a plate of food for myself because I'm starving and sit down to nurse the baby.

3:30pm - We take the dog for a walk around the neighborhood and catch up on a few phone calls while we are out.

4:15pm - The stroller knocks out Leo again and this time I carefully transfer him into the swing. It was a successful transfer, so I start getting dinner ready.

5:00pm - Dinner is prepped and ready to be cooked, so I enjoy the extra twenty minutes of free time the best way I know how. 

6:00pm - I nurse the baby and Joel gets home from work around the same time. Pretty much from 6:00 on, Leo is his fussiest. We try to have dinner with him in his rock and play right next to the table so that we can stick his pacifier in his mouth in between putting food in our mouths. 

7:00pm - This is our hardest time of day, because Joel wants to spend time with Leo, but it's hard to keep him happy. He spends a lot of time strapped on to Joel in the Solly wrap

8:00pm - I sneak away to take a relaxing shower while Joel spends some time with the baby. When I came back out, Leo was blissfully sleeping on Joel's chest. I pumped for twenty minutes and we all watched last week's episode of Modern Family. 

 8:45pm - Since Joel gives Leo a bottle around 9:15, I sneak into bed as early as I can to get ahead of Leo's 4 hour schedule. When my mom was here she got me hooked on essential oils and this lavender mist is just delicious.


Joel brings the baby into our room after his bottle around 9:30pm and then we begin again shortly thereafter. 

And like, I said, I know there isn't anything spectacular or exciting about this average Monday, but it sure is wild to think that all of a sudden.....after 9 months of daydreaming about life with a baby, we're here and living it. 

Enjoy the little things in life, for one day you’ll look back and realize they were big things:


  1. What I was wondering after I saw your Martini in your last post: did you stop breast feeding/pumping?


  2. Have you tried the Eat Sleep app? It doesn't time how long your BFing but it is easy to use. I like it. I'm so jealous you have a grocery store in walking distance! I swear I'd get out of the house more if I could walk more places! Loved reading this! Our days our obviously pretty similar right now!
    Ally - Life as I know it

  3. I used Baby Center app for bf/pumping for the first few months and loved it! You have such a great schedule already and I can't believe how much you got accomplished! I don't think I left the house with Cam for the first 2 months haha! Good work mama!

  4. He's adorable! This time does go so fast but it seems as if you have a wonderful handle on it. Great job! If he's fussy in the evening it might be because of the alcohol. Give it up for a week or two and see if the nighttime fussiness lets up. Not to snark at all, just a friendly suggestion from a mom who's been there! Enjoy those baby snuggles.

  5. Well done! You are rocking it. Pretty sure I was not that productive at one month. I use the Baby Tracker app and really like it. We had fussy times in the evening too, which is normal from what I have read. It did get better though, and happens far less frequently for us. Keep up the good work!

  6. He is so sweet, Tess!! And it looks like you & Joel are doing great :) My sister-in-law swears by the app BabyNursing for both of her babes and I've recommended it to other friends that also love it! Obviously, I can't personally preach to it but just wanted to pass the info along!

  7. You are amazing!! I actually kept a paper log of eating and sleeping for about 5 months. 4 years later, I still have it and like to flip through it from time to time. It's like a little memory book and I can say "that was the night he slept more than 2 hours at a time! That was the day we spent outside and he slept so well! He was eating constantly then and growing so fast!" etc. Also, babies are fussy in the evening. They're tired and restless. A beer or a glass of wine to go along with the evening fuss is divine! :)

  8. It sounds like you have a great schedule! We are still trying to figure one out, so I am glad to know it can be done!

  9. Tess, Leo is SOOOOOO sweet!! I can't even handle it. He is such a nugget in all the pics. I love the one of him over the boppy on his tummy. SO HANDSOME!!