Weekend Recap

This was our first full weekend being parents....and not having our parents....but I'm happy to report that we not only did well, we had fun. 

I took a few solo trips this past week with Leo, and we got into a little groove getting out of the house. Driving with him in the back of my car for the first time was actually terrifying, but once I ripped the bandaid and just did it, it got easier each time. We even met up with my girlfriend Beth and her son who is one week older than Leo. 

Friday night Joel had an event for work, so my cousin Erin brought dinner over and her and I caught up and took it easy.

Saturday morning Joel ran a bunch of errands for us and then we practiced some tummy time before heading out to my cousin's 1st birthday party.


 The party was our first big outing for the three of us....along with the first public nursing session and diaper change. Both of those were awkward, and stressful, but kind of like the driving thing, it was nice to just rip the bandaid and get the "first" out of the way.

Since Leo had just eaten, we decided to test our fate and stop at The W hotel for a drink before going home. The W hotel is about a mile from our house and has a great outdoor restaurant that is super kid (and dog) friendly along with having a really good menu. It's a common spot for us (and we got engaged there) so it felt like a pretty safe place to bring Leo. 


We got home early to watch the Cubs and decided to watch them in true Chicago style. A frozen Lou Malnati's deep dish pizza and cold beer had me feeling right at home. 

Sunday was the first day that actually felt like fall here in LA and it was glorious. Joel and Roscoe got in a run in the mountains and Leo and I met them for brunch afterwards around 9am.

The rest of the day we hung close to home. Joel has been wanting to make a bunch of chicken pot pies to freeze, but it has been way too hot to have the oven running for so long. He jumped at the  chance to make them with the cool 74 degree temps and even though we still had to blast the air conditioning we now have a freezer full of goodness, so I think it was worth it.

We also took a neighborhood walk with Octoberfest to celebrate the not 89 degree temperatures and I got to burn my pumpkin candles all day long - so all around we had a much needed fall-y day. 


Overall it was a great weekend with this sweet angel. 


  1. Perfect! Yes all of those firsts are hard. But you are so positive that they're no problem! Good for you getting out and about so early. It will make a difference for you and Joel in keeping you sane!

  2. Awww. I love the picture where he is palming his head like, "Mom and Dad! Another picture???" :)

  3. He is seriously the cutest!

    Glad you had such a good first "solo" weekend!

  4. That last picture!!!!!!!!! OMG.

    Tess, he is SO SWEET.

  5. Love reading the updates!! Just catching up on all your posts since having your baby!! What a wonderful time (although freightening at times). You are doing awesome and so proud of y'all for getting out and about so much already. I'm telling you, now is the time to do it when they sleep all try time. Enjoy some day time happy hours outside and breakfast outings like you are doing. Because soon they "wake up" and those are harder to fit in!!!!