How to spoil new parents...

We've had so many people shower us with love and gifts over Leo's arrival, its been incredibly humbling and eye opening. 

When we lost my Aunt Peggy almost four years ago, I was taught a lesson in "showing up". Our entire community, and then some, showed up for Aunt Peggy, for her family, and for ours....and has continued to do so. I learned that a card goes a really long way and that even the smallest of gestures - like running carpool, or walking the dog - are gestures that are never forgotten.

And I'm back in that humbling seat yet again being shown from friends and family that the outpouring of love, support, and kindness makes everything sweeter.

Now that I've had a baby, it will change the way I help my friends and family who will go on to have the next set of babies, so with that,  I thought I would talk about the three best gestures that we have received and plan to give. 

::: FOOD ::: 

Since my mom was here for three weeks, I didn't have to think about even making my breakfast. My mom had Joel and I eating like kings, and everything she was making, she was freezing the extras. It was a glorious system. But when she had to go back home, I realized that besides freezer dinners, I really had no food that I could eat in a pinch. I was out for a walk with Leo on my first day alone...already emotional from having to say goodbye to my mom that morning....when I got a call that a delivery driver was waiting for me at our building. 

My cousins had ordered Joel and I a huge gift basket of lunches and dinners from an amazing deli here in LA. I honestly started crying in the elevator with the delivery man. Not only was I starving (and hormonal), but I was just so overcome by the gesture. This pack of food gave Joel and I at least three lunches and dinners, plus snacks and dessert, and allowed us to eat healthy, fast, and well.

It was over the top amazing and a gesture I'll never forget (and if you live in LA, I couldn't recommend this enough).

::: GIFT BOXES :::
The first time I opened up my computer after a week of hibernation, I saw that I had a Facebook message from friends from my hometown. They had started a new business - Care Carton - and wanted to send me a care package to welcome Leo. I felt like it was such a hug from home.....just to be thought of so randomly...was so kind, and the Care Carton was again, just over the top. 


A little something for me (bath salt and body balm), and a little something for Leo (black and white muslin swaddle and a book)....all "just because". This little package left a big impact and I plan to use them again for any occasion - birthdays, new adventures, and babies. It's takes the guess work out of putting together a gift basket for friends who don't live nearby.

Kellie, one of the owners (along with her husband Blake), are offering a $5.00 coupon for the next two weeks, just type in TEATIME and you'll get a little discount off your order! Let me know if you take advantage.

Their company's slogan is "A memorable gift made easy" and it truly was just that. 

::: TIME, COMPANY, and WINE ::: 
Rules of life.:
I think my friends knew how hard it was going to be me for me when my mom left, so all last week I was surrounded by girlfriends popping over to just sit with me and keep me company. Wether it be for lunch, or a coffee break, or even to let me sneak away for a manicure....having the company of friends during the first few weeks of having a newborn was the most comforting hours of my day. 


We've been spoiled, and Joel and I truly feel like "To Whom Much is Given, Much is Required" and we've been reminded of that during this season of life.


  1. I'm so glad y'all have been spoiled! Well deserved! But you're right, it's incredibly humbling!

  2. That looks like a great week! The Care-Carton is such a great gift idea! I'll definitely have to look at sending those to my friends who are living all around the country! The bath salt and body balm look indulgent :). I know of a few birthdays and celebrations coming up where this would be the perfect gift.

  3. Yes to all of these!! Just having someone bring us dinner is such a big help. And adult interaction is a must. I find myself going crazy between the constant feeds and diaper changes!
    Ally - Life as I know it

  4. OMG He's just gorgeous and sooooo photogenic. Such a precious addition to your family, congrats again! I love all your pics and updates. Hope you are doing well!