My Top 10 Newborn Must-Haves

 When I was registering for life with Leo, I honestly had no idea how much or what I needed of anything. 

I still don't really know, but I wanted to share ten, somewhat uncommon things, that have really saved us these last few weeks. 

 1. Night light 
The first night we were home we slept with our bathroom light on because I wanted to be able to see the baby as soon as I opened my eyes. Well, after the first night, we quickly realized we needed a better option so Amazon came to the rescue. This $12 night light is amazing. It's battery operated and has a sensor so all I have to do is wave my hand in front of it and it stays on for 15 seconds, just enough time to get a look at Leo without waking him or Joel for good. 

Breastfeeding - or at least my breastfeeding "journey" is probably a whole post on it's own, but I've been having about 3 cups of this tea a day. I have no idea if it's actually working, but I like the taste and have constant thirst, so I'm hoping its working triple action.

I'm pumping a pretty good amount throughout the day and I'm very thankful for modern technology. As soon as I'm done with the pump, I wipe it down with these quick sanitizer wipes and I'm done. For the bottle part of the pump, and used bottles, I throw everything in a microwaveable sanitize bag and then let them dry on the boon grass drying rack. If you plan to pump, these two items are essential. Register for a lot of them. 

It's been super hot and sunny since Leo's birthday, and this carseat cover has been worth it's weight in gold. It helps block the sun and keeps Leo much better protected from germy strangers who want to sneak a peek! I have gotten a ton of compliments and questions on this cover, and I'm so glad I took my friend Meghan's advice and scooped one up before Leo arrived.  Plus, I never loved the aesthetic of my car seat but I love the look of this ;)
We lay like 3 of these on the changing pad and alternate them often......get a lot.
I took this tiny sound machine to the hospital and now have it in our room. I'm pretty sure when Leo moves to his own room, we will have to invest in another one because I'm not giving mine up!

These are much softer and more comfortable than the disposable pads....worth their cost.
This has been almost too good for us because we end up having to wake up Leo at night to eat! As soon as we have his arms wrapped down in this blanket, he is a cooked chicken. I have no idea if we will be this lucky forever, but for now, it's a lifesaver.

I like this brand because you don't have to wipe it off before you feed the baby and so far, has worked like a charm for me.

I never knew that in newborn diapers, there is a little yellow line that will turn blue when the diaper is wet. It's been super helpful - and these are our favorite diapers so far. And I feel like I should own stock in Pampers because we are cruising through them at rapid pace. I think it's a safe bet to have at least 2 boxes of 88 at home in the Newborn size. (We're 3 weeks in and well into our 4th box)


I could probably name another ten things that have really been nice to have on hand (easy to nurse in clothes, hand sanitizer, the rock and play, the swing, wine.....) but as Joel often reminded me when I was in the height of nesting - Amazon will remain open, and it has. One day shipping is a gift from God.


  1. I initially read "the rock and play" as "the rock" and was so glad that Dwayne Johnson has been so good to you in this new phase of your life

  2. i really missed the yellow line on the diapers when my boy got older!

  3. These are a lot of our favorites too! I haven't tried our white noise machine yet and I'm not sure why so I'll be using it tonight. We tried the miracle blanket last night and it worked for awhile. I'm not giving up on it yet! I need to get those pump wipes!
    Ally - Life as I know it

  4. Thanks for sharing this list. I have definitely been a bit crazy trying to buy as many things as I can to prepare. Joel's comment about Amazon is a good one to remember!

  5. I have a friend having her first baby in December so I will definitely be getting her some of these!