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::: This is our last week in LA until we pack up and head to Chicago for a month. I've tried to soak in as much time doing our favorite things like walking to the park, seeing friends for happy hours, morning hikes and cooking dinner at home. We're going to have a blast in Chicago, but I know I'll miss our routine at home too!

::: We did our civic duty and took Leo to the polls on Tuesday! He was the hit of the show, and has been proudly rocking his "I Voted" sticker all week.

::: My sisters sent me this article about "14 things that happen when you are a long distance aunt" and it made me smile, cry, and laugh. Buzzfeed nails it again.

::: On a VERY different note, if you haven't watched this CNN video that has gone viral, it might be worth a watch. It is a news anchor who reads "A gut wrenching letter from Stanford Rape Survivor" I'm not even going to leave my two cents on it, but its powerful, heartbreaking, important, and very likely worth a watch. 

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No appropriate transition.

::: I'm in need of new sunglasses. I haven't bought a new pair in more than a year so I think I'm overdue. I'm leaning towards this popular Celine pair...although I haven't tried them on, so they could be a little harsh.

:::  A few of my girlfriends and I had an impromptu sushi and wine night this week with a bunch of little kids. We were all holding, feeding, playing, and managing everyone's babies....bouncing from kid to kid, just trying to keep everyone happy and trade off taking bites of food and sips of wine. Girlfriends like that are a dime a dozen - to take in your kids like their own, and do the same with theirs is a very, very, very important thing and I feel really lucky to have friends like that. 

:::: It's been a big week for Leo! He started to say Dada (not necessarily at or for Joel, but we're pretending!) and has been exploding in every other area. He's eating like a champ (we tried peanut butter and eggs this week!), is really trying to crawl, and is coming into his flirty, funny, and adorable little personality.

::: When I get back from Chicago, I have a few sprucing things I want to do to our house. We need a little refresh in some areas - new pillows, new pictures, new plants and pots, and other little touches that are ready for an update. I love this idea for showcasing artwork in a playroom for down the road.

I'm very excited to share a practical and beautiful solution for showcasing all that artwork your kids create! Like so many five-year-olds, my daughter Adelaide is a prolific artist. We ran out of ...:  

Did anyone else think today was Friday?? 

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  1. Wow, little Leo has grown up and is now eating all that fancy food!! Yall are going to Chicago for a month! That's awesome! I know you'll love soaking up all of that family time!

    And I *love* that idea with the colorful frames for kiddie artwork!

  3. Oh gosh, I wish today was Friday, but we are almost there! Leo is adorable as always and seems so grown up! So exciting about your upcoming Chicago trip, but also that you have amazing friends in LA!

  4. Leo is such a doll baby! I read that book you recommended- After I do. I haven't read such a good book like that in a long time. It is was so incredibly true to life and relatable. Thanks for the recommendation, I really loved it! Xo