Five on Friday

::: 1 :::

This week I took Leo to the Getty - a really cool art museum here in LA. I had high hopes of it being a real cultral event for my little 8 month old, but I think we ended up spending more time waiting for elevators than we did looking at any real art. I think we'll go again when we don't need a stroller. 
::: 2 ::: 
There has been a baby explosion within my group of girlfriends and within the last 6 weeks we have welcomes three baby girls! I had the opportunity to meet sweet AJ and bring dinner to her parents house. This is their second baby, and going to their house on day 3 of being home was really eye opening.
When I had Leo, on day 3, I literally had felt like my world had been shaken, turned, twisted. Nothing was the same, everything was overwhelming, and we all were just tip toeing in our new weirdness.

My friends gave me hope that with baby number 2, you are just a loooooot cooler about everything! They're rocking it! 

::: 3 :::

Chef's Table Season 2 came out this week and the first episode is based on Grant Achatz and his Chicago based restaurant Alinea. It was an amazing episode, beautiful, inspiring, and wildly entertaining. I highly recommend it (its on Netflix) if you get an hour this weekend! 
::: 4 ::: 

Leo is really loving our trips to the park, which is crazy to think that I'm starting to have a kid that I can take to the park! How is this possible??! He thinks the swings are just the coolest thing in the world and spends all 15 minutes giggling to himself with pure joy. 
::: 5 ::: 
I can't believe its already the weekend....short weeks are amazing! We have a dinner party with new friends tonight, I'm sneaking away to get my hair highlighted, and we're stocking the freezer with some freezer meals for when I'm gone in Chicago. 


  1. Awww! Leo is getting so big! I will have to check out the Chef's Table episode this weekend. I hope that your stock the freezer weekend is relaxing but productive! Jess at Just Jess

  2. I saw Chef's Table on Netflix when we were browsing the other night. We ended up watching Somm (per your rec!) and liked it. Adding this one to the list next :)

  3. Once we finish Bloodline we'll have to check out the Chef's Table! I hope I'm as calm as your friend's were with baby #2! Because I was the same as you when I brought Oliver home, a train wreck!

  4. With all these new baby girls, Leo is going to have lots of girlfriends!! I will have to check out Chef's Table...we love Mind of a Chef!