SAHM Wear ::: Athleisure?

Have you heard of this word? 

I guess mainly its just dressing up workout wear and when I'm actually working out, I really don't feel the need to put on my makeup or find cute accessories.

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But, considering that I'm on the floor for 80% of my day, I'm finding that I don't wear 99% of my closet. Being in workout clothes is truly the only thing that makes sense, but I still want to feel cute. 

I think it's a little easier in the winter to look cute while rocking this look but I've struggled this summer. I did buy these two skirts from Lululemon (wish I would have bought them in the "Tall" because they're a little short) and have been basically wearing them on repeat.

Image result for lululemon skirt   pleat to street skirt

And while it looks like I'm playing tennis everyday, I feel ok talking walks with Leo, taking him to the park, stopping at the store, and then seeing a friend for a playdate. It's tough to find ONE outfit that you can do all of that in! 

I'd like to pick up a few light weight long sleeves tops that I can throw over my workout tanks so I'm on the hunt for a few of these to complete the look! (found all from Nordstrom)

Alternative Heathered Jersey HoodieO'Neill 'Adventure' Crop PulloverAlternative Hooded Jersey Cardigan



  1. "At least you tried" that's so freakin' funny :) Even just being off of work or working at home the past few weeks.... it is a strrrrruggle getting dressed. I'm wearing pants with buttons to work today and... do not like it.

  2. I hear ya on this one!! I have a few of the Lulu skirts too that I love but definitely wear the ones that I bought in "tall" the most. The longer fit is much better. They can be hard to find sometimes though!! I've been trying to wear more than just workout clothes lately, but its so hard!

  3. While I was on maternity leave I lived in athleisure.... unfortunately I can't rock that look back at work in the summer! Wah! Agreed it's definitely easier to pull off the look in the winter.

  4. I'm using pregnancy as the biggest justification for wearing athleisure whenever humanly possible. I can't get away with it at work, but you better believe the minute I walk in the door and most casual weekends I'm feeling comfy! Like I managed to pull off a brunch in Boston last weekend wearing it and could have danced down the street. Loving those Lulu skirts!

  5. As soon as I get home from work, the scrubs are off and my gym shorts and a loose shirt are on! Workout gear, sans the actual workout, is the most comfortable thing with a baby!