Summer Break

It feels like the first day back to school today. It's my first Monday back in the routine of my normal life here in LA after a month in Chicago.

We had the absolute best time back home. Not only did we have two weddings, a wedding shower, a family reunion, and the fourth of July to celebrate - we also had zoo dates, family parties, and dinners with friends that we had to squeeze into our time there.

Being able to move right into my parents and spend all of our downtime with them was such a gift - for both us and them! It's really hard to not live close to our family, but I know that we are beyond fortunate to get these chunks of time to spend together. 

Crystal Lake in the summer time is idyllic and had me scouring zillow quite often.....but in all fairness, I was excited to get back to our life here in LA too. We all needed to get back to a routine, sleep a little more, drink a little less, and reset.

So now, we're back, and trying to capitalize on that fresh motivation that you only get when you step away for a while. We're doing a version of "Whole 30", I've got 3 books I want to read this month, goals to blog about anything and nothing, and a few more weeks to enjoy this California summer! 


  1. My husband and I recently completed a round of Whole 30 during my pregnancy (I'm due August 6th) and I loved it so much I continued it as a lifestyle. I've managed to go my whole pregnancy gaining 15 pounds.. which wasn't the goal.. I just wanted to feel good! It truly changes how you eat and look at food. Best of luck to you!

  2. Gal, I know you had the absolute BEST time in Chicago. I've loved seeing all your pictures from your trip. What a great way to spend the summer. That little Leo couldn't be any cuter either!! xoxo

  3. It is SO awesome that you got to hang at home for a month. I know your parents just LOVED being with Leo!

  4. It sounds like an amazing time. Being with family is such a gift!