A Perfect Summer Weekend

Friday morning Joel had a meeting a little later in the morning, so he got to hang around with us a bit later than usual in the morning. We decided to take our coffee outside and let Leo play, but Leo and Roscoe decided they would prefer to get a few extra cuddles with dad instead.


This whole weekend we had just the perfect summer weather. We decided to take Leo over to the pool for lunch and then a little dip in the water. 

He is an absolute wild man in the water. Thankfully he'll hang out in his little floatie for a good 20ish minutes, but then he just wants to swim....which he doesn't know how to. 

I did get the puddle jumper later that afternoon, so we're going to see if he likes a little more independence with that thing on later this week.

Friday night, Joel got home from his meeting a little late, we ended up having breakfast for dinner, watched the cubs game and went to bed pretty early.

Saturday morning I drove into the city to celebrate my cousin Amanda's birthday. I stopped off at my girlfriend Sara's for an hour to visit, and then we went to Parlor in Wicker Park for an awesome brunch. 


That afternoon, Amanda drove back to CL with me to spend the night. We took happy hour out to the boat with my parents and Leo which was our first time getting out onto the water this season and it was perfect. 

If you can see right past those boats in the dock, that is my parents house that is in the process of being built. 


While Amanda and I were gone at brunch, Joel was busy prepping an absolutely perfect dinner for all of us. A seafood pasta (Thanks Annie!), a perfect salad, bread and a great bottle of Melville Pinot Noir.  

We timed dinner for about 8pm so that Leo was already asleep and so that Joel and I could actually enjoy some adult time - and it was such a fun dinner. 

We had a bon fire afterwards, drank by the fire and roasted smores and then Amanda and I left the boy to their own devices a little before midnight. 

Sunday morning we were all feeling a little sluggish, but eventually rallied. Mainly thanks to another glorious hot day and a Leo that doesn't tire.

Amanda and Andrew left by 10:30, and then I headed over to a girlfriends sprinkle at 11am. 


After her really cute shower filled with bows, tutus, and all things girl.....we relaxed in the afternoon and ended the night with dinner at my parents house. 

And I'm including this picture because I just think it's the cutest thing ever. Hope you're having a good week! 

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  1. Umm yes perfect summer weekend! Joel fixed a fancy meal!