Day in the Life - [as a SAHM with a 20mth old]

My last update was in March, and the biggest change since then is that I'm no longer doing any part time work. I'm glad that I gave it a shot for a few months, and it really allowed me to dip back into the business world and get a little dose of working with children (and it ain't easy). Ultimately, I'm really happy home full time for now, but who knows in the future. 

Friday, May 26th

6:00am: I start to wake up right about 6am since Joel is coming back in from a run, but I hang in bed until 6:30 playing on my phone

6:30am: I actually decide to jump in the shower and take the next 30 minutes to get ready. Some mornings I head downstairs in my pjs to have coffee first, but not today, so I shower, put on my clothes and makeup, make the bed and head downstairs.

7:00am: I'm able to sit down for like 15 minutes and have a cup of coffee and read some blogs before Joel heads up to get Leo.

7: 15am: Joel hands Leo off to me, Leo has 5oz of a bottle, and Joel kisses us goodbye before he leaves for work. 

7:20-8am: We hang downstairs, I watch a little of the today show while Leo plays with some of his toys in the living room and brings me a few books to read.

8:00am: We head upstairs to get Leo's teeth brushed and clothes on for the day. 

8:15am: I get both of our breakfasts going and we both sit down at the breakfast bar to eat. 


and Buds-

8:35am: My sister Nellie facetimes us while we're having breakfast which is a fun distraction for Leo while I try and clean up the dishes 

8:45-9:00am: I try to pick up the morning toys, run a quick load of a laundry, and get the dog (leashed) and baby (sunscreen) ready for a walk. 

9:00am: I love walks on Friday's because I'm normally lined up with a new podcast. I really like I Do Declare Podcast so as I walk over to my mom's house so we can walk together, that's what I'm listening to.

9:00am - 10:00am: My mom and I walk along the lake which is a perfect 40 minute walk for us, and I know I just left the most beautiful state in the world (Cali), but I just marvel at Crystal Lake. There is something about it that just gets to me.

10am- We stop off at the house my parents are building. It's been a long process, but they broke ground in early March and it's gone so quickly since then. They're hoping that it stays that way so they can move in come September.

10:20am: We walk back to my house, and I decide to throw Leo into the bike trailer and take him to the park. It's supposed to rain this afternoon and we have nothing else to do this morning, so off we went.

11:00am: We had a great time at the park. We ran into a neighbor there which was fun and spent a good amount of time on the swings because there were like 6 schools there celebrating their end of year parties! 

11:20am - and for a long chunk of it, I chased Leo around while I caught up with my girlfriend Beth from California. 

11:40am: Back home and I'm freaking starving. I try to put together a sandwich for myself, along with a hearty lunch for Leo too and let him have a little Mickey time so I could eat as well.

12:10pm: I had asked my mom earlier if she didn't mind me dropping Leo off to nap at her house so that I could go get a mani/pedi, and thankfully because she is amazing, didn't mind at all. 

12:35pm: Pulled out of my mom's house after feeling like I had completed an entire day before 1pm

1:00pm: I normally hate getting my nails done because it takes freaking forever, but this time, I really didn't need to rush so I took my time (listened to the Damsel and Dior podcast), and just relaxed.

2:25pm: I headed back to my parents house because my aunt and uncle were there who drove up from Mississippi. They were staying the weekend, so we had so much fun hanging with them.

4:00pm: Joel came straight to my parents from work - and was over early because it was the start of Memorial Day weekend. 

4:30pm: My cousins came over, we all started drinking, pulled out some appetizers, and just hung around for the rest of the afternoon. 


5:30pm: My dad grilled burgers a few more of my aunts and uncles came by for dinner and dessert, and we had a fun little Friday night.

7:00pm: Joel and I packed up and took Leo home so that he could get into bed on time. 

7:47pm: And in all honesty....I went into bed! I'm so lame, but Joel was watching a baseball game, the idea of getting extra sleep was just too good to pass up! 


Oh how our Friday nights have changed!


  1. What a fun little Friday yall had! Didn't know you weren't doing your work anymore but good for you on realizing what worked and didn't work for yall! xo

  2. One of my biggest challenges as a mom is the debate between Me Time vs. Husband Time vs. SLEEP!!! (I'm honestly choosing A or B over sleep these days but... it'll catch up to me I'm sure...)

  3. I loved this post! It's fun to read about how other SAHMs days go. It is wonderful and so sweet how much your families get to see Leo. Grandparents are such a blessing!

  4. Love reading these kinds of posts. And so fun about your parent's new house. My boyfriend and I are really considering building in Crystal Lake as well. I hope their experience has been decently positive so far!

  5. Love this!! Isn't it the truth that it feels like we squeeze an entire day into 6am-1pm sometimes?? I'm always worn out just trying to wear my kids out before nap time and keep them entertained!! Love this and love all your sweet family time. My favorite thing ever :)


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