Week...End Report

I have to give a report on this past week....because it was the absolute pits. 

On Wednesday morning, I took Leo on a little walk before heading to breakfast with my mom, Uncle, and Grandma. While we were at breakfast, I started to feel super, super sick. I ordered dry toast and hot tea and couldn't get either of them down. 

I didn't know what was wrong but Leo had been up the night before (with what I thought was teething issues), so I thought maybe I was just extremely tired. My mom took Leo back to her house and told me to just go home and nap. She brought Leo back to my house to sleep because she had a couple of meetings, and when Leo woke up from his nap at 3pm, I had to call my mom crying asking her to come back.

I had a super high fever, chills, body aches, and swollen glands... and honestly, I felt like I was dying.  I couldn't even get up from my bed to go to the bathroom. It was a long night, but Thursday morning, I rallied as much energy as I could to get to the minute clinic and sure enough it was strep. 

Thank God we live near family, because Thursday I was still just as sick. My mom kept Leo in the morning, and then Joel's dad came by in the afternoon until Joel got home from work. I was literally worthless, but thankfully by Friday morning the meds started to kick in and by my 4th dose I was back to normal.

Just in time for Leo to spike a super high fever. He had been cranky all week, and I was chalking it up to teething. He had a low grade fever, his hands in his mouth constantly, and just seemed cranky. By Friday morning, I took his temp and was getting reads in the 104's. 

We took him to the doctor Saturday morning and sure enough, he had strep too. His first swab wasn't as bad I was expecting it too, and it followed by his first Icee-Pop, so that helped a little too.

Luckily for him, literally one dose of amoxicillin and a four and half hour nap and his fever broke and he was just about back to normal. 

Seriously, the only good thing about Strep is that as soon as you get the meds, life changes!

During Leo's super long nap, Joel powered washed our deck and swing set and it made SUCH a difference.  


Sunday we rode our bikes to my parents and then went for a long walk around the lake. It felt so good to just move outside! 

We spent the afternoon updating our deck since Joel had power washed on Saturday. I have a feeling we're going to get a ton of use out of the new table and umbrella. 

Sunday night, we took both sets of our parents out to dinner for helping us so immensely this past week. We would have literally drowned without their help.

We went to Duke's on the Water which is at 3 Oaks here in Crystal Lake. It was my first time to this lake and it is so, so cool. By the restaurant there is a huge wake boarding lake with zip lines, sand volleyball, tons of bags.....It's absolutely beautiful and so much fun so I know we'll be back. 

Image result for dukes on the water crystal lake

Overall, it was a shit week, but we wrapped it up really nicely and I'm extra motivated and ready to have a great week ahead. Hope you do too! 



  1. So glad yall are better. I think that is super sweet that you took them all to dinner!

  2. I'm so glad you're feeling better! I had strep once when I was teaching and didn't go to the doctor right away for some reason. It is so miraculous when the antibiotics kick in! Thank goodness for family too. :)

  3. wow gal!! Those are the worst times! We've felt the same with this stomach bug over here. I'm so glad you are are both feeling so much better. You know how scared I get with high fevers too!!

  4. I got strep when Tripp was 11 mos old, and scheduled to have his ear tube surgery. I felt so bad. Like sooooo bad. Worst I had felt in years. I was in the bed a solid 3 days. It was terrible. Luckily, Tripp and Terence never got it but my word it was awful. My mom came down and took Tripp to have his surgery. Thank God for mamas and antibiotics!!! So glad you're better! And Leo, too!


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