Day in the Life - [ of Nellie! ]

Nellie is my baby sister. She is 25 and lives in Lincoln park in the city. She lives in a really cute walk up with two of her girlfriends and works downtown in sales. Here's a view of her day on Wednesday, January 23rd. 

 6:15am: Up and at them. I like to have Good morning America on my TV while I get ready for the day.


Today it's freezing - and snowing a ton - do I'm dressing as cute as I can. 


7:25: I leave the house and put in a mobile order for my coffee 


7:40am - I take the bus in the morning to get to work. My ride is normally 25-30 minutes. I either listen music (top 100 hits normally) or read the Game of Thrones book. 


7:50am: I pick up my coffee at Joe and the Juice and then head into my office. 


8 - 4pm: I work at my desk from 8-4. I try to walk around at lunch, sometimes meet friends, and just try to get some fresh air.


4pm: When I get home from work, I normally have a snack or salad and get back on the computer. I'm taking some online classes right now, so my roommate and I sit and work for a few hours. 


7:15pm: Tonight for dinner, I'm meeting my cousin Luke for dinner. We ended up meeting at Gemini which is just a few blocks from my apartment. 

8:00pm: They have a specialty drink called squirtski that I love. It's vodka, Squirt, bitters, and ginger beer (I think). It's really good if you get a chance to visit.


We ordered a few things to eat and share - crab cakes, tomato soup with a grilled cheese, and a side of their brussel sprouts - so good. 

And we had to top it off with dessert. Ice cream and warm cookie.

9:20pm: We walked back home, I'm rewatching Game of Thrones (I'm obsessed) and fell asleep around 10:30 before doing it all again the next day!

Thanks for following along :)