Day in the Life - [ of Hannah! ]

Hannah is my middle sister. She's 28 - lives in the city with her boyfriend Sammy - and works in the city as an event director for an awesome hotel. She's on a little health kick right now - but other than that - this is a pretty clear view of what a day in her life looks like. This was Wednesday, 1/23!


7:00AM - - Morning! Starting the day with 16 oz of Celery Juice on an empty stomach. I
made some Green Juice for the day. This GJ contains; Kale, Cucumber, Cilantro, Blueberries,
Lemon, Wheat Grass Powder, Spirulina

7:30AM - I start getting ready for work. My absolute favorite products pictured here;
Marie Veronique Oil Cleanser and the Barrier Restore Serum.

8:00AM -Me, Fresh Faced! Shouts @MarieVeronique


8:10AM  - Just got this new hair product; protects from heat tools & makes your hair
smell good


8:20AM -  OOTD “Outfit of The Day” #Zara #Gucci # DPTR # Nordys  (editors note - not sure what DPTR is....)


8:28AM - Werk werk werk | My car clock is an hour off

8:45AM - Fail, GJ on my white fur gloves #C.C


8:47AM - - Office vibes


9:00AM - Frutas, Agua, & my To Do list


12:00PM  - Lunch Errands

2:00PM  - Back to work


6:00PM  - Dinner Date with Besties Sean and Teddy Tyrrell



7:00PM - Jan 30th tree is still up

8:00PM -- Gnight from Hannah & Sammy



  1. Hi Hannah! So much fun following along with your day in the big city!

  2. Is she gorgeous or what? And healthy is an understatement. Meanwhile, I just had my fourth cookie before noon. Aaaand her apartment is my dream.