Friday Night Blogging

Dang. Life as a working girl 'aint all you think it's gonna be. I'm up at 5:45, work from 7:30-4:30, try and drag my *hiney buns (as we lovingly refer to it in class) to the gym, and am asleep before 11.

So here's a week in review of the outfits.
I already posted my 1st day, here is w.th.f

Michael Kors Jumper
Calvin Klien tights
Steve madden shoes
Ann Taylor tee

Stuart Weitzman boots
Ann Taylor Cords
Ann Taylor sweater

Ann Taylor blouse
Jcrew belt
Banana Republic pants
Cole Haan shoes that I borrowed from my mom last minute ;)

I'm having trouble pulling together a lot of different outfits, so I think on Sunday I'm going to find 5 inspiration outfits, and try and match them. I'll show you the inspiration pics on Sunday and you can judge to see how well I match up!

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