Quite the day!

So many exciting things happened today. I started student teaching in a 1st/2nd classroom AND I received that little present above from Mrs.In Training. The students are cute as can be. Our schedule is great because we have a super busy morning but by lunch at 12:30, its basically over. The staff is awesome, and I'm so excited to be teaching! It's a great profession, and even more so love that I'm in my slippers at 4:30. Hope your having an equally great day.

P.S. Rumor around school was the winner of The Bachelor. *It pretty much ruined my day. DM me on twitter, don't want to ruin the season for everybody...I mean...all 9 of you ;)

**Notice the dust inside the T's...I think it's Q-tip time! Don't judge!!

This was my 1st day outfit
Top: Ann Taylor
Pants: J.crew
Shoes: Red Patent Tory Burch revas

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