What I really, really, want.

Entering the work force in one week. Working with 1st graders. It's hard to find appropriate teacher clothes, because I have to find a balance between professional, fashionable, and logical. Jcrew is sort of where my heart tells me to look. Jcrew, and a new pair of TB reva flats. Preferably in python. However, if for some reason, any color of TB reva flats land on my doorstep, I promise I won't care what color they come in.

I am also on the hunt for cotton tights. Again, I would like a spattering of colors. If I could find a combo pack of black, brown, and gray, I would be a very happy teacher.

A few other things that I desperately need in order to be the most fashionably, broke teacher I can be include:

I would have never thought I would don wayfarers, but I'm loving them. They may be a little trendy, so I'm gonna give it til Spring. If I still like um, me and ebay may have a date.

This is probably the first thing I will be getting. It's a classic scarf that instantly makes an outfit. It's an I-want-it-now kinda scarf.

And finally, some outfits that I wouldn't mind replicating every morning:

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