Green Bay, WI

A weekend getaway was just what the doctor ordered.

On Friday night, Claire and I left the city and headed up north to stay at my summer house in Green Bay, Wisconsin.

We got up just in time to have a bottle of wine and get to sleep before midnight.

When we woke up, I was ready to seize the day! We went for a long walk around the small town and I remembered why I am so in love with this little patch of paradise.

The living is very easy in the Town of Scott (population 300). People mend to their gardens, they wave to you as they drive by, and live a seemingly simple life.

I don't think I could ever live that sort of life for the long haul, but it sure is nice to take a whole weekend off of computers and TVs and enjoy the nature, sound of the water, and good, good company.

After our walk, the 3 of us girls headed to the lake to indulge in some of my favorite things.
 The three of us didn't stop talking for days

Our lovely summer house, tucked away behind the woods
 Saturday night we had a family BBQ and spent the night on the beach with a bonfire and s'mores. 


I'm back in the city now, feeling refreshed and blessed. Life is good to me.


  1. Looks just perfect!! I lived vicariously through your pictures!

  2. Those pictures are great! Sounds like a fabulous weekend!


  3. Great images looks like a wonderful time.