What a weekend


This weekend was absolute perfection.

While it could have been longer - the reality of it was, it was probably the best weekend I've had all summer.

On Saturday morning, a bunch of my cousins and I took my cousins kids (still with me?) to the Lincoln Park Zoo. It was a really hot day, so we got to the zoo around 9 in order to beat the heat. The little one's loved it. 
 If you ever find yourself in Chicago, looking for a fun activity. Lincoln Park Zoo is where it's at - it's free!

After the zoo all of my family went to my cousins house for a night of pizza, wine, and games. 
On Sunday, the whole crew (there was about 25 of us cousins and aunts/uncles) headed to Crystal Lake to take in the local parade. 
 We even had a 5 year old drive us around the boat
We stayed on the boat for fireworks to wrap up an amazingly perfect day.

On Monday, we had some very exciting news to share.

However, if you are reading this, and you happen to be lucky enough to personally know Corie and Andrew - please keep this on the down low so they can tell all of their friends and family in person.

And look at me announcing it to the blogland!
 Joel's brother, and his beautiful girlfriend are ENGAGED!!!!
 I love Miss Corie, and am so happy that she's going to be in the Shield's family forever. 

She even does Joel's nails.

The whole fam is REALLY happy (and no, I'm not technically part of the family but I've been around long enough that we just count it!)

On Sunday night, Joel and I both fell asleep on the couch at 8:30 during a riveting episode of House Hunters.

Thankfully it's the work week - which means I get to relax!


  1. I definitely thought you were going to say that YOU got engaged! Sounds like a great weekend, I love the zoo! And congrats to the newly engaged couple :)

  2. Congratulations on their engagement! Sounds like a fun weekend, especially with the polar bear posing for a picture :)

  3. aw congrats to them! looks like such a funn weekend-the zoo is one of my favorite all time places.

  4. oh wow, what an exciting weekend! Congrats on your brothers engagement. And wow I love all the pics, especially the one with all those kids, that was really cute!

  5. I fall asleep to house hunters almost every single night. And then every morning ask the hubs which house they chose!

  6. That last picture is adorbs! I love zoo visits and special time spent with family!!