Summer Do's

1. DO crack into good chardonnay

2. DO sit outside at a restaurant

3. DO go for a swim 

4. DO join a summer sport (no matter what your ability is)

5. DO wake up early on the weekends

6.DO let your clothes air dry

7. DO bring in some fresh flowers

8. DO visit your local farmers market

9. DO take in an outdoor concert

10.  DO go on a weekend getaway

 And make sure you DON'T let your summer get away from you.


  1. Love this happy little post. Love all of those things....especially cakebread chard. Yum!

  2. Just found your blog! I'm definitely with you on all of these things!

  3. Hate we couldnt get out acts together for drinks this weekend! Good news is that we found a place : )