Tee Time

Well.....I survived.

I officially can say that I, Tess Tyrrell, can successfully golf a full 18 holes.
If you happen to be new around here, let me fill you in a little white lie......I stupidly told my boss at work that I knew how to golf, even though, I really didn't.

He wanted to set up a golf game in August for the managers on our floor and I figured it couldn't be that hard. I would have 4 weeks to practice my game.

No big deal, right?


Until you find out that you are officially a part of golf tournament that will be taking place 1 week after you told your dirty little lie.

Insert panic attack.

At my first chance I headed to the driving range to go through a large bucket of balls for practice. Joel and his friends taught me the basics, and I watched about 2 hours worth of YouTube "golf for beginners" videos.

Thankfully my dad has been golfing for 30 years, so on Sunday, he took me out to hit some balls and play 9 holes at our Country Club.

By hole 3, I was actually getting a grip on the game. He had shown be the 4 things to focus on (grip, posture, wrists, and swing) and I seemed to be doing okay.

My dad even took me to the golf pro shop and completely outfitted me in golfer gear - which really upped my confidence too.

Monday morning, after a Starbucks run and a brunch at 9, tee off was at 10:30. My foursome played in 100 degree heat for almost 5.5 hours.
I won't lie, I wasn't good. I actually hit better on Sunday with my dad, but I was lucky enough that the tournament turned out to be Best Ball, so I didn't slow the pace of the game down at all. 
The tournament itself was a lot of fun - they served us breakfast, lunch, and dinner, plus free booze and swag along the course. I mean, I could get used to this.

I have a feeling many more golf games are in my future.


  1. Good job girl! I'm proud of you and you look real cute :)

  2. Yay for YOU! We should hit the driving range sometime. I am not a very good golfer. I have only played 9 holes once, in a best ball tournament. It was a Ladies' Golf Outing with my old company. I love the outfit.