Think "Boy Meets World"


Did this week just whizz on by, or is it just me?

After work, Claire and I are going to be joining my cousin and going up to my lake house in Green Bay, Wisconsin. 

The drive is going to take every bit of 5 (or dare I say 6) hours, so we're going to make a pit stop in Milwaukee for dinner and a glass of wine, then trug upwards another 3 hours.

I normally get super-duper-beyond-normal-crazy anxious about getting to where I'm going, but I'm vowing to Claire to take my time, drive slow, and enjoy the ride. 

That is easier said than done.

Saturday I hope to take a long walk around all of the farms, run up "heart attack hill" (I'll take a picture for you....its ooc), catch up on my magazines (Self & Southern Living), drink lots of yummy white wine, build a fire and tell stories at the lake until the wee hours of the morning.

If I have a day like that, let me tell you, those 6 hours in the car will be worth every second.

I'll be back to Monday to give the full report.

Have an amazing weekend.

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  1. Have a great weekend! TG's parents have a lake house on Lake Delven (sp)... do you ever go there?