fall obsessions

I'm a huge candle whore, I'm not going to lie to you. If you come into my home, there's a 99.9% chance that I have at least one candle burning. *I get this from my parents....but either way, I absolutely adore fall scents. I use them for the entire winter season, so I'm looking forward to stocking up on "Pumpkin Spice, pumpkin butter cream, amber glow, etc." Yankee Candle does it right.

 I love to put the fall touches all around the house, while still maintaining subtly and style. This front door wreath is right up my alley. I love the burlap bow and mossy green wreath, plus the fact that the pumpkins could be completely interchangeable. This is a great DIY.

 I love this. Come October 1st, these babies will be going outside our front door. 

Be still my heart. This is how I hope to look every single day from now until December 1st. For me, fall isn't about trends and all about the classics.

While I am a Tennessee fan by default (thanks to the Shields family), I do love fall football. There is something so comforting about having football on the TV all day Saturday and Sunday.

 Again, thanks to the Shields for turning me on to the best beer I've ever had. Yuengling is one of my favorite beers but I think the flavors in the beer make it the most perfect fall time beer ever made.

Have you ever had this? It's only sold on the East coast and South due to distribution laws (trust me, I've tried to get it up here) and it just can't be done. What that means is every time you find yourself south of the Mason Dixon line you must stock up.
 I've missed this dinner time specialty all summer long and cannot wait to bring it back to my house. It's such an easy dish and is always a crowd pleaser. Everyone is always in the mood for chili. Plus....I've convinced myself that it really isn't that bad for you.

 I love the cognac color of these Cole Haan riding boots. I'm going to be investing in one pair this fall and can't decide between these or a black pair. It's going to be a really tough choice.

Even though you wouldn't be able to judge based on my last two weeks history, but I really do love to run in the fall. I love to run in crisp, cool air, particularly around 5:30/6 when it just about starts to get cold out.Joel participated in the Chicago Half Marathon yesterday and it's absolutely inspiring to see everyone that finishes the race. All shapes and sizes crossed that finish line, and if they can do it...I better be able to too! 

What are you obsessing about this fall?


  1. definitely cognac over black!! i am lusting over a cognac hobo bag right now that i'm hoping will be mine once my october birthday rolls around. cognac is the BEST fall color!

  2. I love fall! Especially the Yankee Candle scents!

  3. One of my favorite beers! I didn't realize they didn't have it up here. Boo. Excited for happy hour this week!

  4. I'm obsessed with all the same things you are! Ha! I just got a new fall candle and I haven't stopped burning it yet!

    My Papaw is a HUGE UT fan so I am too! Go Vols!