Fashion Friday

Like I wrote about here and on my fall bucket list, I have been planning on investing in a new pair of leather riding boots.

Last year, along with the rest of the population, I lusted after the Steve Madden Intyce boots. I debated getting them in 2010, but didn't jump on the band wagon......until now.
 (why am I like the last person to join the cool club? i.e. Erin Condren planner?....also - I still don't have Hunter boots! A crime...I know)

Today at lunch, I marched my sick ass over to Nordstroms and snagged the dang boots up without a seconds thought. Nordstroms has the best return policy so I soothed my conscious by telling it that if I regretted my decision I would have weeks to bring them back.

I don't think that will be happening. I'm definitely in love. I wasn't sure if I was going to end up with a new pair of black or cognac boots for this season, but I think I made the right choice going with coganc. I have a feeling this color is just as versatile as black, if not more so.
Sorry about the pile of necklaces, I wasn't sure which would be the best choice!

For $150 bucks I think I'll definitely get my moneys worth. Do you own these boots? Are they comfy? I've hear they'll last at least 2 long seasons...true?

Tonight I'm bringing these boots on their first adventure....a fun night at Fish Bar (ahhhmazing.  

The rest of the weekend Joel and I are going to take easy. We need to run errands, grocery shop, and get the house cleaned. Tomorrow we're going to cook steaks at home and watch football. Not too exciting, but just what I'm in the mood for.

Hope you all have a lovely weekend as well!


  1. I have a pair from Target that are identical to those! Wedge heal and all.

  2. I'm still deciding what kind of boots I'm going to buy. You have to get some Hunter boots. Wore mine Wednesday in the rain : ) Love being able to step in puddles without worry. I think we're going to the lake tonight but let's get together soon (the boys too!)

  3. I have those in black and LOVE them. I am planning on getting those exact ones veryyy soon!
    They look great on you!

  4. You definitely won't regret them. I have those in black, and wear them all the time. I have even debated getting them in the cognac as well. I love them THAT much. As for Hunters, they too are worth the investment. I can't say enough good things. Enjoy your new purchase, and have a great weekend! Hope you are feeling a little better. :)