NYC: part 3

Our last full day in The Big Apple was Sunday I passed on the gym and slept in til almost 10 in the morning. It was vacation, afterall.

I'm going to skip on telling you about the fashion emergency I had.
Okay, I won't.
Here it goes:
I brought a chiffon-y tank top specifically for the open - and specifically to go with my white pants. I was all dressed and ready to go when I slathered myself in sunscreen which stained the entire front of the top. I literally had no other options to wear in the blazing heat.....so what did I do?

What any rational, calm, and mature adult would do.

I burst into tears.
I went running out of the hotel room - leaving Joel in my dust - to the nearest store that was open before 11am on a Sunday. I found a random warehouse and picked up the first tank top I found.

I was an unhappy, grumpy camper, but I got over it as soon as we get to the Open. My Aunt and Uncle had two extra box seats in center court and graciously invited us to enjoy Andy Roddick's match with them. Honestly, it really helped pick up my mood! 

We caught the tail end of the Rafa match in our new seats which really helped improve Joel's mood, too!

Before Andy's match started we grabbed a drink, and ran into one of my favorite players, James Blake! We didn't talk for long, but he was sweet enough to snap a pic.

We watched Andy take down his opponent in 3 straight matches. I will admit that I did spend a lot of time watching Brookyln Decker (who is more beautiful in person), but Andy is one amazing athlete to watch.
 After some amazing tennis, we rushed home to make our 7:30 dinner reservations.

The hotel had given us 2 free drink vouchers which made getting ready much more fun! 
Our dinner spot for the evening is the relativley new hot spot Beauty & Essex.
It is a pawn shop store front. On our drive over, our cabbie literally asked us if we were sure this was the street we wanted to be dropped off at.

As we walked through the pawn shop, the guy behind the cash register opened the door which led to an unbelievable stunning restauant lobby...a lobby too, where Lisa Vanderpump happened to be checking in for her reservation.

My cousin Alex, who we were having dinner with, went right over to her and started to pet the infamous Giggy before I joined them and we asked to take a picture. She graciously accepted and as we were about to snap the photos, in walked Kyle Richards and Adrienne Maloof. 

It took me a good thirty minutes to get over this.

After our dinner, Alex and I headed downstairs to the bathroom (where they serve free champagne) and we bumped into our friends again. They asked us, "Hey girls! Can you return the favor?" so we snapped a picture of them. Then, we exchanged cell phone numbers and met up for brunch the next day. 

Ha...I wish.

Either way our NY trip was filled with all of our favorite things and I'm feeling refreshed and happy to be back home.


  1. What were the RHOBH like in real life? I am dying. They are my fave. When my fiancé worked in NYC I ran into Kelly Bensimon on the subway. She is absolutely more gorgeous in person. Your post made my day. And tears over wardrobe malfunctions are normal (normal bc I have been in your shoes). Haha. Great NYC posts!

  2. Hi Dayna!! Thanks for making me feel better about my melodramatic response to a stained shirt. Reason #36456 I love blogging!

    So - the scoop on the real housewives. Kyle was kind of a bitch. She is a striking beauty, but she acted a bit snobby. On the otherhand, Lisa is a sweetheart who was gracious and kind. The two of them are both really pretty, and really skinny in real life.
    Adrienne, was not so pretty and really quiet. She didn't say much.

    Also....their husbands are tiny!

  3. OMG how cool! I love James Blake too. And then RHOBH! I would have freaked out on the inside. I am sure it is nice to be back home, but what a trip! Fabulous!

  4. The tank looks great and I love love love the picture of you in the robe sipping your drink!!