We made it!

What. A. Week.

I can really relate with homegirl in the picture above. That's basically about all of the energy I have left....just take off the shoes and land into bed...however, my social calendar has no sympathy.
Tomorrow is Joel's Mom's 60th birthday! For her birthday, Joel and his brothers are flying in their middle brother Andrew from California to surprise their mom for her birthday weekend.

Tonight we are having a casual pizza and beer get together and a great spot in downtown Crystal Lake. It will be a great time to catch up with Joel's extended family and warmly welcome the weekend.

On Saturday we're going to root for the Vols as they take on their rivals UF, and then Saturday night is a formal dinner to celebrate Kathy's 60 years. She is a great woman, who has raised 3 great boys, and I'm really looking forward to a night of celebrating all that she has done.

Sunday we'll come back into the city, hit up the grocery store, and hopefully lay low. Our weeks (and weekends) keep zipping by us and I can't seem to make the world slow down. 

Have you figured out that secret yet?

Since I don't think there is much I can do about it right now, My focus is on enjoying every moment - and I hope you do too.

Happy weekend!


  1. GOOOOO Vols! I will be wearing my Orange! By the way I can relate to homegirl in that picture too! Thank goodness it is Friday!

  2. We went to a wedding this weekend of a HUGE Vols fan. They set up a UT tent and a tv during the reception so everyone could watch the game!