This orchid that my Dad picked up for me at our local market while he was in LA has been catching my eye all week. It adds such a fun punch of color - and I like looking at it while I'm cooking and chopping. He may have started a new addiction for me.  

Luckily it was a Buy 1/Get 1 deal, so the guest room is getting a little extra lovin' too.

I think I'm going to be making an early Christmas present for myself in the next few weeks. Great new shape.  Ray Ban Meteors.

We got received an incredibly generous and suiting engagement present in the mail this week. Joel and I were literally jumping up and down when the FedEx guy wheeled in our piece of gold. We opened that bad boy right up and had it stocked in minutes.

 Isn't she pretty?


While my mom was here we hit up a sale at Cusp and scored these TB flip flops for 40% off. I normally wear an 8.5 so they're a little tight but I'm going to try and make them work. 


Homemade pizza is a staple around this house. It's so easy to do - and I try to pile it high with  veggies to reduce the guilt. I had been using Boboli's wheat crust until I switched over to a full time Trader Joe's shopper. Their pizza crust takes a little more work, since you have to roll it out to the pizza shape, but it is the best damn pizza ever.

Happy Thursday!


  1. I love orchids! They definitely brighten up any room! And congrats on getting your cooler!

    I nominated you for an award today by the way. :)

  2. Thanks for mentioning the CUSP sale!!! Just ran over and grabbed some J Brands for 20% off! :) Also have to say that your apartment is so cute.

  3. That is awesome that you received your wine fridge! :)

  4. My Dad got me an orchid too when I was home last weekend! Those Tyrrell dads think alike!

  5. Orchids are one of my favourite flowers, absolutely gorgeous and can completely brighten up any space! Yay for getting your wine fridge AND TB flip flops on sale, may as well bite the bullet and get the Ray Bans too and make it an EXTRA fabulous week.