Wedding Wednesday: TIEing the knot.

We are on the hunt for the perfect tie and need to make the purchase soon.

These are the suits the groomsmen/groom/dad's will be wearing and my maids will all be in  floor length, navy dresses. I had Joel try on a few ties and decided that pattern definitely looks best with this suit - and adds a fun touch to the whole look.

Joel is gifting his guys with socks and ties, and we've decided to make the grand purchase at The Tie Bar.

 Here are our top five picks:

Trad Stripe - Navy/Silver (Skinny)New Seersucker Gingham - Navy (Cotton)New Gingham - Navy (Cotton)Double Stripe - NavySatin Dot - Navy/White

Which is your favorite? I'm so torn.


  1. I like the first or the last one best.

  2. We are so similar!! I had floor length navy ;) I vote something striped. I think it would look best with the dark grey.

  3. I'm kinda digging the dots. No explanation to back this up ;)

  4. I really like the 1st and 4th! I feel like they have a "dressy" feel. Everything is coming along beautiful Tess!!

  5. I also like the stripes, but then I saw the polka dots and kinda really love that one. All will look great!

  6. I really like the first and last ones.