Holiday Wear

It's no surprise that I'm excited for Thanksgiving, but the one thing standing in my way is the task of what to wear. We have a bunch of family parties throughout the week and I feel like I'm at a loss for Holiday wear.

I need to stock on some winter wear before I leave for the Midwest since it's still 80 freaking degrees here in SoCal.

My favorite looks are classic, layered and comfortable so I hope I can channel these goodies on my next mall trip this week.
Thanksgiving Outfit Ideas : theBERRY
Reese WitherspoonHoliday Party Outfit from Zarablack and white simplicity

I also have been majorly crushing on bows. Is it too waspy to work in a bow here and there?

topped off with a big bow. adorable.hair bowRibbon bow 
I guess at the end of the day, as long as the champs keeps flowing all will be well.


  1. I got some great pieces at J Crew Factory. They were having some serious sales. Although, online nothing looked that appealing but in the store it was a different story. They have the perfect v-neck thin sweaters that go great with button downs underneath. They have tons of those too!

  2. I agree with Sunkissed and Southern above! J Crew Factory had some great simple basic staples to piece together! :) Good luck! I know you're excited about going home!

  3. I love bows, it's just a matter of doing them and not looking like a kid. They've gotten popular with the high schoolers here.

  4. Totally with you on the bows. Love 'em.