How I Do Airports

My flight today leaves at 10:30 am so I figured I'd share my airport routine with you.

:::The Outfit:::
Excuse the craziness, I was packing
This is what I'm wearing today, with a quilted jacket, and a pashmina (see below). When I land in Chicago it will be 25 degrees, so I tried to dress as warm as possible with layers, because I hate being too hot or too cold on an airplane.

:::The Goods:::

My Neverfull bag, is truly never full, and since I read somewhere it can hold up to 200lbs without breaking, I dont worry too much about over packing.

1. I sleep with a mask every night, and I can't fall asleep anywhere without it. I'm sure I look like a dork with it on, but it makes a world of a difference (and I also pack ear plugs). 
2. Since all electronics have to be off during take off, I flip thru magazines to get me to cruising altitude. 
3. I always travel with a pashmina. It helps pull my outfit together and acts as a blanket or pillow whenever I need it. 
4. I get really anxious on planes, so this is necessary.  

5. These handy guys are my favorite in-flight snack because they're as filling as a meal if need be.

:::The Routine:::
This time, I'm flying with this little bugger, so my routine might be a little different.

Normally I try to get to the airport with only 30-45 minutes before my flight takes off. I typically grab a few magazines, my sabra snack, and a soy chai tea latte. 

Once we get up into the air, I order a mimosa and try and zonk out. I love flying Virgin America because each seat has a TV and they always have WiFi on board which makes the flight so much more enjoyable.

I always carry-on so that as soon as my flight lands, I can run off and be with my family as soon as possible.

And that's how I do a travel day! When we land, my mom is picking us up and we heading into the city to see my girlfriends and sister and order in some Chicago-style pizza (Finally!!). 


  1. Travel safe! And I seriously couldn't pack in a carry-on if my life actually depended on it.

  2. I swear by a sleep mask too! Helps when I sleep during the day but also when my husband insists on leaving the tv on when we go to bed. Hope you have a great trip and make sure the pilot knows he has extra special cargo!

  3. Safe travels! I always pack a pair of thick socks in my purse/carry on. #1 I put them on during security, especially if I'm just wearing flats.... EW EW EW to bare feet at security screening. EW. #2 I put them on during the flight since my feet get really cold really easily, and if the cabin is chilly, my feet will be ice cubes.

  4. Have a fun trip! PS. Do you wear your neverfull for daily errands? I think Im ready to ask Santa to splurge!

  5. I love your travel outfit - cute, but still cozy! And the Sabra hummus cups are amazing. There are many days that I have one of those for lunch, so they would be perfect on a plane, too! Have a great trip!

  6. Have a safe flight!!! Enjoy your time at home and have a great Thanksgiving!

  7. Safe travels and enjoy your Thanksgiving at home!