Birthday Weekend Recap

Turning twenty six was one for the books - and I have to give credit where credit is due - Joel really went above and beyond to make sure that my birthday was celebrated in style.

After work on my birthday we met at Mastro's and had a few martini's at the bar. Mastro's is a sexy steakhouse and they made some seriously killer French martinis. 


Joel had champagne sitting at our table which is always a nice touch, and I grabbed the waiter to take a picture of us as we were double fisting and still somewhat sober.  

As a starter, we went with crab stuffed mushrooms, which we both agreed were amazing. For dinner we each had a small filet and shared frites....because...obviously.

The restaurant sent a really cute dessert, but when you go to Mastro's there is only one thing you can get for dessert - and that's their buttercake.


So, because it was my birthday, I ordered it too, and we didn't touch the chocolate cake or have guilt about it going to waste either. And the butter cake was so.damn.good.

When we got home, I opened my birthday gift from my boys which included my favorite wine and tickets to see James Taylor at the Hollywood Bowl when we get back from Paris!!

The other few things I wanted to do for my birthday weekend all happened too; a long run, Paris planning, and a trip to the movies.

On Saturday, Joel took me on my longest run ever. We set out to do 7 miles, but I was feeling ok, so we stretched it for one more mile and I was seriously so proud of myself.

And I actually think I could have maybe done more..

Saturday night, Joel and I did some research (blog reading) and took down a few must-see places in Paris.Plus, Joel made a french themed dinner to go with our planning sesh and so we dined like Parisans too. Drinking white wine, browsing Pintrest,  having my dinner cooked for me by a cute chef was pretty much paradise. 

Fondue and mussels, and some of my birthday wine, and life was really, really good.

After laundry and grocery shopping on Sunday, we made it to an afternoon showing of The Other Woman (entertaining and silly) and ended the night with homemade pizza.

It was such a great weekend - the only thing that would have made it better was spending yesterday with my Momma and cheersing my Dad on his birthday. 
Yes I am! For the wonderful little girl the Lord blessed us with!  My Fabuless Life: Today I Am Grateful {Printable}


  1. What a great birthday weekend!

  2. Aw sounds like a fabulous weekend! Cheers to you my friend!

  3. So glad you had such a fabulous birthday!

  4. What an amazing birthday weekend!!

    Also why does my husband never cook me delicious french meals? Slacker.

  5. What an amazing birthday weekend!!!! I need to make mussels one night!! Congrats on your mileage, too!

  6. Hubby of the year award! Glad you had such a special and memorable birthday! So jealous of you going to see James Taylor!!

  7. You had the best birthday weekend!! Your dinner Friday night is mouth watering and I love your Parisian themed dinner Saturday night! You picked a good man girl! ;)

  8. Happy Birthday! Sounds like the perfect weekend...your night of Paris planning (and eating) sounds parfait!

  9. First of all I'm not sure how I missed that it was your birthday!! Happy belated birthday!! Second of all it sounds like an amazing weekend!! All that food looks so good- and your husband rocks!!