Friday Five ::: Random Life Updates


Last Thursday, 4-24-14, my friend Shelby had her sweet baby boy Tucker. It's pretty wild that I'm at the age where my friends are starting to have babies of their own. To watch these women turn into mom's is just mind blowing and amazing.


Speaking of friends, my best friend Claire came out to visit me this weekend. Joel is traveling until Monday, so we get to have a much needed girls weekend filled with anything we damn well please. We are shopping, eating oysters and drinking white wine by the beach, ordering food in, gossipying, laying out....doing all the things that best friends need to do.


My sister Hannie turned 24 on Wednesday. For some reason, 24 sounds really old to me, and I can't believe my little sister is twenty four years old. It sort of makes me want to shake.

Hannie, you grew up so much in your 23rd year. We went through some really crazy times together....getting sick, getting married, getting jobs, not getting jobs, moving, traveling....but one year later I'm just so impressed with your positivity and flair for life. I love you so much.


And in six days, it's my birthday. I'm turning the ripe age of 26. This weekend I'm celebrating with a beach day with some of my girlfriends, and then next weekend Joel and I are going to dine at Mastro's and then do some of my favorite things; go see a movie, get massages, and cook dinner at home.

Ohhh, and you know, this month - we are going to France! Holy shit has this year flown by or what?!



    Also I think I have a very Tess outfit on today - flats, long printed navy & white maxi, denim jacket. Yes?

  2. Living a pretty great life!!!!!

    Have fun with Claire!! :)

  3. Whyyyy are you so young?! It's depressing.