Somehow another year has rapidly passed by and here we are again. I've had good years, and bad years, and overall, this was a really, really good year. I have a charmed life, and I feel really really lucky to live it. I have a strict no-complaining about age policy because, the alternative is a LOT worse. I'm thankful to be healthy, happy, and walking into my 26th year with a lot of love.

And for good ol' birthday measure, here are 26 things random things about me


1 - I talk on the phone a lot. I talk to my mom at least twice a day, and I usually talk to at least three or four friends, sisters, or my dad, in a day too. I have different times that I like to talk to people - driving to work, walking the dog, getting ready for dinner, but I check in on people a lot and like to hear about the random nothings of their day.

2 - Once I finish a book, I cant start one immediately after. I feel like I need to let the characters and story really sink in before I throw them to the wayside.

3 - I think about what pregnancy is going to be like a lot. Ten months seem like an awfully long time to feel nauseous, uncomfortable and tired. I'm also border-line obsessed with reading mom's-to-be pregnancy blog updates.

4 - Getting your nails done in LA is really cheap - like $5 bucks, so I've gotten in the habit of getting my nails done every week and I cannot stand when they are chipped. 

5 - I screw up expressions and words...a LOT.  My sisters are very guilty of it too, and Joel thinks it's equal parts funny and scary. For example; for years we thought a valedictorian was a Valid Victorian. Which actually does make more sense.

6 - I love wine, but I suck at ordering from an unrecognizable wine list at restaurants. I never know what region I like my wine from, or what year the best grape came from, so Joel has taken on that role. It's great, except for when I'm out without him - in which case I go with the 2nd least expensive bottle. Obviously.

7 - I very rarely buy things full price. And it's not a good thing, it's actually a damn curse. And yes, I blame you mom. 

8 - I coach a Girls on the Run team. I used to coach back in Chicago and this is my first season coaching here in California. The program is amazing; our group is 8 elementary girls from 3rd-6th grade. Every week we focus on a different topic that is bound to come up in their life - bullying, mindful eating, friendships, tolerance, etc. After we talk about it and play games, we run. We train to run a 5k together and talk about the importance of using running and positivity as a way to deal with problems and maintain a healthy lifestyle. 

9 - I hate using credit cards. I've heard too many horror stories about how quickly debt can accumulate so Joel and I only buy and do things that we have the cash to do. For big ticket items, we put them on a credit card so that we can get the points, but we never carry a balance and hopefully never will.

10 - One of my goals in life is to buy a house before I'm thirty. Buying a home is such an accomplishment, and normally a smart investment. The idea to have "my own home" gives me jitters! We aren't sure where we will plant our roots, but hopefully when we do, we will be in the position to buy instead of rent.

11 -I'm an old soul and always have been. Growing up (and currently) I would beg my mom to invite her friends over to hang out with us.

12 - I love alcohol but refuse to take shots. I don't like being drunk as much as I like to actually enjoy what I'm drinking, so shots really don't do it for me.

13 - I know what my future children's names are but my lips are sealed.

14 - I STILL have not made a wedding album. It is driving me crazy but every time I think about just sitting down and doing it, I find an excuse not to. My deadline is June 22, 2014 - exactly one year later. Does someone want to do it for me?

15 - I can't miss meals. Well, maybe I can, but I don't. I'm not a pleasant person when I'm hungry so I have an apple or a bag of almonds around me to starve off the crazy.

16 - I love to read. I really only read chicky-flicky books, but they're my favorite. I probably read about twenty books a year on average, and when I find a good book I will sit and read for hours on end. See point 2.

17 - Most people don't like dining out alone, but I love it. Having a salad and a glass of wine in a busy bar, sounds like Heaven. I also love going to the movies by myself. It's so quiet and relaxing-such a fun way to spend an afternoon.

18 - Having a dog has given me a greater appreciation for not injecting advice where it is not asked for. I swear it's like weekly that someone corrects me, or tells me that I'm not seeing the best vet, or the better way to do one thing....It's such an overstep of boundaries it blows my mind!

19 - As much as I crave routine, sometimes I get really sick of coming home from work, eating a boring dinner, turning on the tv, going to bed and doing the same thing the next day. We need a few days like that every week - sure, but I hate when it becomes too ground-hoggy. We're too young to live like grandparents.

20 - I don't have a lot of patience in any area of my life, but restaurant service is a sore spot for me. I just can't stand bad waiters. I'd like to think it's because Joel and I were "secret restaurant diners" and had to be hyper critical of every move during our dining experience - but it could just be LA. The servers here, broadly speaking, suck. 

21 - There's a chance that I am the worst jumper in the entire world. You know those pictures where all of the girls are like jumping freely in the air in joy and triumph? Never happening.

22 - If I had to pick one dessert to have for my birthday it would probably be pecan pie with vanilla ice cream on top.

23 - I workout a lot - I try for five days a week. I've always been good about fitting it into my schedule and now it's just part of my lifestyle. Although, I wish it made me look like Giselle.

24 -Traveling is really, really important to me. I want to constantly travel, see new places, and expose my kids to different cultures. I feel really proud to rattle off the places that I've seen and my to-do list is still verrrrry long.

25 - I get homesick for Chicago a lot. For the people, the smells, the food, the flavors, the lights, the radio stations, my house, the seasons....everything.

26 - My celebratory birthday drink tonight will be a French martini! Bring on the day!!
"Do not regret growing older.  It is a privilege denied to many." 

Here's to 26 friends!! Thank you all for letting me share this little piece of my life with you. I love having my blog to store all of memories, and you really make the process so fun!


  1. These were great! Loved learning more about you!! Have a great birthday and hope 26 is good to you! A French Martini sounds delicious!!

  2. Happy Birthday love!! I LOVE this list and love how much we have in common- I talk to my mom all the time, before and after work and sometimes throughout the day and I constantly think about pregnancy and I'm even single! My friends always call me and old soul and while I used to not like it, now I'm proud of it and love that quirk about me. I also love doing things alone- eating out, shopping, anything! Hope you have a wonderful day!

  3. Happpppppy Birthday, Tess! I loved reading about your interesting facts!!!!

  4. Happy happy birthday!! Enjoy your day!!

  5. Happy bday girl! I loved your list. Enjoy that martini!

  6. 1. I'm the worst phone talker. I just sometimes miss things that I should be hearing and I'm just a hot mess on the phone.
    2. I usually do start books back to back. I read every single night before bed, so I just keep trucking. But after a good book, a blah book goes SOOOOO dang slow.
    3. I'm obsessed with pregnant people. And my BFFs baby. #zomgthecute
    4. I want to move to LA and have nice nails. Mine are embarrassing.
    5. I would be the mean friend correcting your weird phrases. I'm the Heather Dubrow of my friend group.
    6. I haven't had wine in a while. WHO AM I? I don't even know how to order it, at all!
    7. I never buy full-price. And I'm the girl who announces how cheap I got something.
    8. You are so cool coaching girls on the run!! That must be so rewarding. I've fallen off the volunteer bandwagon since college.
    9. Ohh credit cards. I'm addicted to the stupid points and cash back, but I think here soon I might be cutting a few of them up. I use them daily, instead of a debit card... so I think I may be in for a shock as I get away from them.
    10. I'll not be getting a house before I'm 30. Since I'm turning 28 in October. GULP.
    11. I always used to hang with the moms at parties when I was a kid, my mom was constantly telling me to scram.
    12. SHOTS SHOTS SHOTS... I'll do them, but only 1. Gag. Makes me have heartburn just thinking about it.
    13. Ohh can we please swap name lists?! I only have girl names, and SOMEONE hates my one and only boy name. RUDE. I promise I won't tell anyone or steal them. Unless it's good and I have to steal it.
    14. No wedding album here either. And who the hell knows when that will happen.
    15. My blood sugar drops like a rock at meal times. I've passed out once in life and I always think it's happening again - which is why my purse is usually full of food.
    16. Duh, chick lit rules.
    17. I really never eat out alone, ever. If I do, I end up with takeout and PJs on the couch.
    18. I'm so pushy dishing out unwanted assvice... I'm really trying to cut down this year. Not going too hot!
    19. I'm so routined it's annoying. But, my summer calendar is filling up so I think that'll break down some of the routine.
    20. I'm so lenient with waiters. I think it's because I work in a "service" position, and I know some of the crap that goes on and is beyond their own control. I've gotten some pretty horrific service.
    21. I can't jump in pictures, I always just use the excuse that my big thighs keep me firmly planted on the ground.
    22. For my 13th birthday I ate an entire cheesecake in maybe 3 days. A HUGE one. So that'd be my dessert, especially since it would probably split my pants now.
    23. I have fallen hard off the workout wagon. I need your motivation!
    24. I'm a horrible traveler and I always have been. I'm trying to get RH and I with some plans on the calender, but I just suck at traveling.
    25. Love Chicago, it's just the best city.
    26. Cheers!!

    Hope this year is the best one yet!!

  7. Loved learning these little tidbits about you! Hope you had an amazing birthday!

  8. Love getting to know you a little better! I am a huge reader too, and towards the end of a really good book, I will actually sometimes slow down my reading because I'm not ready to say goodbye to the characters, haha!