Memorial Day Weekend Recap

Whoa, we've been moving at record pace these days. 

For the first 5-6 months of staying home with Leo, I felt like I wasn't meeting new mom friends....and just in the last month or two, I've met like 4 new friends that I really, really like. It's been fun to have new play dates and get to know other moms in LA, so we've been keeping really busy during the days.

And on Thursday my cousin Ryan came into town. Her sister, Erin, lives in LA and so she is staying with her for a week to help with her new baby. 

Each morning though, I've stolen Ryan and we've gone and worked out. Last Thursday we did Westridge and then met Erin and Carter for an early lunch. 

and I'm so bad - I don't even take pictures anymore, I'm just attached to snapchat (tshields622) so if you follow me there, I doubt any of this is new information! 


Friday night Joel and I ordered pizza and started watching Somm 2: Behind the Wine. It's on Netflix and it's really interesting if you a. Saw Somm and b. Love wine! 

Saturday morning Ryan, Leo and I hit the trails bright and early again.  

After our hike, we met friends at Golden Road Brewery in Burbank. It's such a fun brewery because it's really kid friendly, so we hung out there from 2-5pm and just had a blast. 

That night we got home, had leftovers, and ended up playing a really fun game on the ipad. It's an app called "Chatoms" and it's basically conversation starters/prompts, but actually interesting ones. It was nice to just listen to music and talk rather than lose hours in front of the TV. It would be good for a long car ride too.

Sunday morning, I got in a long (for me) run, and then went and got my nails done which was amazing. Joel and Leo hung at home and went to the park. Leo just started swinging on the swings and thinks its about the most fun thing in the world.

I snuck out during nap time to head to Shutters with my cousin's and Erin's Sister-in-Law, Mel, for happy hour at my favorite place!

A bottle of champagne, a newborn and oysters made for the most lovely hour!

After drinks we went back to Ronnie and Mel's house for a BBQ.

I love bonus Monday's! Even though I don't go to an office, having Joel home for an extra day felt like a bigggg victory! We got up and did the Santa Monica stairs which capped off a really activc weekend, which is what I wanted.

I dropped the boys off and ran all of my errands solo before having my cousins back over for another BBQ! 

It was a whirlwind of a weekend - with no true end in sight - but filled to the brim of fun! 


  1. What a fun weekend! I hear you about having the husband home for an extra day. It was amazing!

  2. I think you fit my past 4 weeks into a weekend plus more! Note to self: find a kid friendly brewery.

  3. Dang girl, you were super active!!! How did you do Leo with the stairs? I'm still trying to figure that kinda stuff out. Downloading Chatoms now!

  4. Looks like a packed weekend! I will definitely have to check out that Netflix wine documentary...Bryce loves stuff like that! So nice to hear you're meeting new mom friends, too!

  5. You should check out "for grace" on Netflix. An awesome food documentary!