5 ::: Good Things

Because we need to focus on the good after such a shitty week.

After being sick for 3 days, we've had a lot of other #basic issues. Our A/C went out - and its been hottttt. My motivation has been low, and our routine this week has been totally off. 

Thankfully we're closing out this week, and focusing on the good.

::: 1 :::

Our air has been out all week, but it's been a good excuse to just get out of the house. We've visited friends, stopped for an outside coffee, done some fall shopping, and tried to stay busy throughout the days. I haven't been able to cook dinner because the oven makes our house hit 90 degrees fast, but the change in routine has actually been refreshing. 

::: 2 :::
Image result for popsockets white marble
Have you heard of PopSockets? My girlfriend Anne introduced me this past weekend, and it's a life changer. Not only does it seriously improve your selfie game as well as make talking on the phone a little more fun - it's also a GAME CHANGER when it comes to all things baby & phone. We FaceTime with my parents at least twice a day, and I'm constantly looking for a place to prop my phone to get the perfect angle of the baby, while not having to hold the phone for twenty minutes. This little suction cup, just changed our lives!

Image result for popsockets white marble

It's $10 bucks, but if you use this link, it should be $8. Let me know if you have any issues with it.

::: 3 :::
College football is BACK

::: 4 :::
 Fall touches at the front door
I'm so excited for these upcoming seasons! It's going to be so much fun to go through the holidays this year with Leo, and I want to soak in all of the little details. Sometimes I ask myself, why I even bother, but this year, my answer will be "for Leo". I want to max out on everything fall decor, cute Halloween activities, holiday outfits, and "TRADITIONS". 

::: 5 :::
My oldest friend Claire and her boyfriend are coming to spend the long weekend with us! Not only have I not seen Claire in waaaay too long, but having her and Albie come is the perfect excuse to go up to Santa Barbara for a fun day trip! We'll be filling the weekend with tons of fun outings, yummy food, and probably too much wine. 



  1. When it rains it pours doesn't it? So glad things are on the up and up and you have a fun weekend planned. That suction cup is super cool.

  2. Love the PopSocket! What a genius idea. Yay for college football!! Have a great weekend with Claire! XO

  3. Ugg, so sorry that you have been sick and you lost your AC. I am glad you at least have a fun weekend planned!

  4. I see people with those pop sockets on their phones and always wondered if they were ever used. I am so excited for the holidays this year and know they'll be much more enjoyable and relaxed than last year. It was so hard to enjoy them with a newborn as you know! Hope you have a fun weekend and get your ac fixed soon!

  5. I tried the link but didn't work for popsocket