Birthday Party Recap

I spent the entire day reminiscing about what I was doing exactly one year ago. 

At 6:40am, I told Joel, last year we had just loaded into the Uber en route to the hospital. At 6:49am, last year, our uber driver started to cry "You're bringing life into this world toady, and I'm so touched I get to be your driver". 

At 8:00am, I was in the bed in triage getting stabbed multiple times to try and get the silly IV in - inwardly freaking out as the couple next to us wheeled our of our little waiting room as a family of 2, and back in as a family of 3. 

At 10:20am, I was taken into the OR to get a spinal, and before I knew it Joel was in the room with me and the surgery had begun. At 10:51am my baby boy Leo John was born and my life was forever changed. 

And then, 10:51am 2016 hit, and my baby boy was officially ONE! 

checking into the hospital ::: leaving the hospital ::: celebrating 1 year 
The best, happiest, craziest, fastest, wildest, most joyful year of my life. 

And to celebrate all that means, we threw a big birthday party for our shining star.

We started the day with a few presents from us and his grandparents, and then went on to watch a VERY fun Vols.


The party was held a neighborhood pizza place, and they were so amazing to work with. My sister-in-law Corie and I got there about an hour early, set up a few fun decorations, and by 4:50pm, our guests started to file in.

The decorations that I brought (his darling bib, the "ONE" banner, and hit cute party hat)  were c/o of my favorite Etsy shop Dainty Couture.

I DIYed the "1" sign, and the chalkboard, and then found a few other cheapy decorations at Target and Marshall's.

We set up pitchers of beer and as much pizza as our guests could eat, and then basically let everyone hang and play. 


 Right before 7pm, we decided to sing Happy Birthday to Leo (who was clearly ready for bed!)

Leo loves cake.

A lot of the kids broke into Leo's toys which proved to be hilarious - and great entertainment. 

But by 7:30, everyone was ready for bed, so we loaded the car with tons of new toys and goodies for Leo, and cheersed to the best year of our lives.


  1. I LOVE ALL OF THIS (but especially his face in the picture of you reading him the book in the morning). Happy first birthday Leo!

  2. I can't handle him in that tiny Vols shirt! Dying!

    What a perfect party!!! Love it all!!! Can't believe he is ONE!

  3. So fun! It looks like a great party and the perfect way to celebrate Leo! I love the chalkboard you made!

  4. I loooove that photo of you reading the book to Leo - framer! That party looks like the perfect celebration (but not too over the top - I don't really get the petting zoo parties for one year olds! Not a mom, but it seems kinda cray?) Love your Lilly too ;)

  5. You are genius to have had this at a place with pizza and beer! So glad y'all had a blast! Good job on one year Mama!!!!

  6. What an awesome party! I love the idea of having it at a pizza place! Love the photo of you reading to him and of him eyeing up his cake. Happy birthday Leo!

  7. I love the three side by side photos. you and joel are dressed a like in each one! hilarious!

  8. Such a sweet little guy! And how fun to do it at a pizza place! Not much hassle too, which I'm sure was a huge plus for you! Happy Birthday Leo!