Weekend Recap

It's Monday.

We had a weekend filled with a lot of home and lounge time - which is exactly what we needed after a few crazy past weeks and a few crazy future weeks looming ahead! 

We did sneak out - in fact - I was able to indulge in my favorite happy hour ever at Mastro's with a new girlfriend. 

A french martini and their ahi tuna tostada, plus the bread basket, and you've got yourself a mighty fine party! 

We met early, which meant we were home early which was nice. 

Saturday morning we lounged around at home the whole day. We had a few fun packages to go through, we set out some fall decor, and watched lots of college football. 

Saturday night we had a babysitter come to sit for Leo so Joel and I could have an amazing double date with Ami and her fiance Alex.  Not only was the company amazing but we dined at The Factory Kitchen in LA and it was probably the best food I've had at a restaurant this entire year. 

I'm already scheming for excuses to get myself back there ASAP. 

Sunday was a special day because we had a birthday brunch with Leo's bestie Grady.

These blue eyed boys have been buddies since birth, and Beth and I cheersed to a job well done.

It's been so amazing to have a friend walk through this season of life with and we couldn't have done it without them.

High fives for sweet friends!


  1. That first picture of Leo cracks me up. That's so awesome that you have had Grady's Mama to go through this first year with. Makes all the difference to have a friend in the same spot. PS I love Grady's name!

  2. Two lil tow headed buddies = my Monday morning is exponentially better

  3. I've been considering getting a chair that clamps on to any table! Do you find it fits on to most tables pretty well? I was worried most tables in restaurants wouldn't be heavy enough to take the weight.

  4. Look how precious those sweet little blondies are! That's sounds like a wonderful weekend :)

  5. We had a blast at dinner with you and Joel. I am craving the pesto...I could seriously eat it for breakfast! ;) Leo and Grady are adorable!