Fall Season To-Do's

I absolutely love the newness that comes every September 1st - especially not having a fall baby - there is just so much fun anticipation that comes with this new season.

L.A., while perfect the other 3/4 of the year, has a very lack luster fall....so we really have to lay on the attitude of fall thick around here.

We're in full Octoberfest drinking, pumpkin candle burning, mode but we don't have the same crispness that I love.

Regardless, this is where we live and this is Leo's first time to actually enjoy the fall and the holidays, so I want to start a few fun fall traditions to keep the fun alive! 


::: Visit a Pumpkin Patch :::
 omg, little pumpkin:
I'm so excited for this! I want to stock on up on pumpkins, walk through a corn maze with Leo and find some smelly animals to pet.

::: Apple Pie Day :::

noms | maple apple pie - such beautiful detail /:
My family in Chicago all gets together every fall and bakes tons of apple pies. We make the dough and then once the pies are done, everyone goes home with 3 or 4 to stick in the freezer. A few are pulled out at Thanksigving and Christmas, and it just turns into a really fun family day. 
Leo and I are home for 3 weeks and I'm hoping we can align our schedule to be there this year for it!

::: Fall Photoshoot ::: 

Jonny MP Photography.  Autumn photography:
 I'm most excited for this to-do because I'm desperate to a few professional shots of Leo now that he has grown up a bit, and I'd like to get a Christmas card out of the deal too! 

And, I'm going to beg my photographer, and son, to recreate this photo because I think it's beyond precious. 

:::  Find a fall-y, photoshoot approved outfit :::
Leopard loafers are always a good idea.:
I'm enlisting my mom's help on this one while we're in Chicago because lately I walk into clothing stores and walk out totally overwhelmed and preferring to not be anywhere near them! I think I'd rather shop for Leo!

::: Halloween Parties :::
 and find a costume for Leo! 

the donut eating game looks like fun for kids:

A few of my friends are putting together little kid approved get togethers, and I'm already giddy at seeing all of these babies dressed up in their sweet costumes!

::: Fall Art Project :::

Halloween DIY craft with Kids. Hand and Foot Print Canvas:
We haven't done many art projects at home - mainly because the pros just don't outweigh the cons quite yet - but I want to start trying a few easy things this fall and maybe sending them out to friends and family too.  

::: Attend Alum Party :::
Image result for iowa football
 In Chicago, you can find a bar every block that is filled with Hawkeye fans, but the picking is a lot lighter our here in LA. Last year we went to a few UT alum parties, and its just SO much more fun watching your team with other people rooting for your team! I'm determined to find a Hawkeye bar this fall! 
::: Volunteer :::

I love that lantern! An Elegant DIY Thanksgiving Tablescape | <a href="http://theglitterguide.com" rel="nofollow" target="_blank">theglitterguide.com</a>
I'd like to find something that we can do as a family to volunteer are time during this season of Thanksgiving. At Christmas time we "adopt" a child at our church's giving tree and bring in gifts, but I want to start a yearly tradition of volunteering and doing something for someone in need. 
::: Run the 5k Turkey Trot :::
This is probably a bit ahead of "fall", but the word Thanksgiving got my mind ticking, and I want to make sure we stick to our other tradition of running a 5k Thanksgiving morning. This will be something like our 10th or 11th year doing so (including 8 weeks postpartum!) ! 
::: Stock up on decor :::
FALL HOUSE TOUR-gorgeous foyer using natural elements stonegableblog.com:
As I mentioned last week, I've got a $50 holiday budget burning a hole in my pocket! 
::: Invest in a new pair of boots ::: 
Boots & Booties > Rockland Boot
My absolute favorite Cold Haan riding boots are needing to be retired. I've had them for seven years, had them kept up by my shoe guy, but there's nothing he can do for them this year so it's time to find some newbies (and hopefully before our photoshoot!). 


  1. Ugh thanks for reminding me my BELOVED brown riding boots are.... also ready to be put out to pasture. So sad. Maaaaybe I'll get one more year out of them if my pregnant feet and calves allow boots and then I can get new ones next fall...

  2. I swear that fall decor is the most beautiful of all, and the scents of the season are just perfection! I'm really hoping to get some great fall shots of my boys, too :)

  3. Now I need everything Fall after reading your post!!!

  4. I felt the same way when I lived in Cali. It's amazing most of the year but there is something about fall in the midwest that is so magical. I love how excited you get about the holidays!

  5. I LOVE this post! I,too, am getting SO excited for all things fall. It's the best season!

  6. My brown fyre boots were such a good investment (my bf would roll his eyes at that one but its true!) I swear they get more comfortable every year and go with everything!

  7. Saw this and thought of you. ;)


  8. I am also super excited for fall. I love all the decor and scents and to be absolutely basic, all things pumpkin. Cannot wait to break out the riding boots.

  9. Loving this list! Fall is my absolute favorite time of year, and the majority of your "To dos" are on my list as well! Oh, it's going to be SO fun having Leo old enough to have fun with things like the pumpkin patch and Halloween parties! :)