Chicago Recap

We're backkkk!! 

We had such a great time in Chicago. We saw tons of family and friends, enjoyed the fall weather, and stood up in the most beautiful wedding ever.

I'm going to catch up here this week but hope everyone is doing well! 

How the hell is it almost November???


Leo is such a happier baby when he is out and busy, so after day one at home, I quickly saw that we needed to find a few baby friendly activities in order to keep him happy.

 I found "Rock'n'Kids" online, and was able to attend two classes while we are there. The classes were SO perfect, and honestly one of the better baby classes we've been to. The owner Jamie, keeps the energy up, has different sensory activities, tons of great music and books, and lots of free time for the kids to interact with each other as well.

They have classes during the week in tons of Chicago suburbs, so you should absolutely check them out!

When we weren't out at classes, we were visiting parks, taking long walks in the perfect weather, and soaking up Grandparent time.

Gia (my cousin) and her girlfriends are literally obsessed with Leo and basically came running over everyday after school to get their fix. 

Friday night was Senior night at my old high school - which was perfect since myGia is a cheerleader there and was going to be honored.

We had an early dinner at The Cottage in downtown CL, and made it back to Central in time to catch an unreal sunset.

And it was pretty cool to take Leo to "mom and dads" old stomping grounds. We even saw a few old teachers who were able to meet him!!

That Saturday morning, we walked around the lake with my parents before the Hawkeye game.

 Pretty crazy the difference a year makes....

One of my best friends Jenna drove out from the city to get a little Leo fix, and then her and I snuck away for a little lunch during Leo's nap. 

Sunday afternoon, we went to Iowa with Joel's parents to visit Leo's cousins and Aunt Lauren and Uncle Jake!

I was hoping we would catch a nap on the three hour ride there, but no such luck and it made for a verrrry long drive.

Luckily it was worth it - we had such a fun time visiting and playing, and Leo was much better on the ride home!



  1. My favorite baby looks so big! His fall fashions are so fetch, I'm obsessed.

  2. SERIOUSLY, he is so ADORABLE, I cannot handle it!!!!

    Love that you got to go back to your high school!! Tell me about the carrier you're holding him in there.

    Looks like you all had a marvelous family time and soaked up every minute! I know your parents were in love with having yall home!

  3. You seriously have one of THE CUTEST babies EVER!!! Looks like you guys had the perfect Fall getaway in Crystal Lake! I cannot wait to hear about the wedding and looking forward to our double date night!