Weekend Report

I'm off my game in taking pictures! Snapchat (tshields622) is ruining me!

Thursday afternoon Leo and I met up with our friends Beth and Grady for a really fun happy hour.

It always so nice to catch up with Beth because we can talk shop about having one year olds, easily ignore their whining without worrying about if its bothering each other, and even sneak in a few laughs between mickey mouse clips!

Friday during the day I spent most of it cleaning and shopping and prepping for having a few friends over for a Cubs viewing party.

I have 0 pictures to show for it, but I made these amazing pulled pork sliders (1st time, and SO good), this slaw, and my all time favorite pumpkin cupcakes.

This recipe is almost embarrassing - its the same card I've had since college - and somehow I've never found the time to rewrite it!

Saturday morning we were up bright and early to head down to San Diego to celebrate our nephew's second birthday.

The boys played during the morning and took full advantage of the early delivery of the bounce house! 

At nap time, we helped Andrew and Corie put all of their adorable details together and before we knew it - the party had begun!


The costume party was a major hit (despite it being 85 degrees), and everyone had a blast.

We got home Sunday before lunch, plowed through 4 loads of laundry, snuck in a nap, and watched the cubs - and I'm writing this before the game is over, so I'm hope I'm foreshadowing - WIN!


  1. I really hope those Cubbies can pull it out. It's time and Cleveland has had their fair share.