One Year Photoshoot

The one thing I insisted on when we were home was getting some family photos while all of the leaves were changing. I wanted some "One Year" photos of Leo as well, and we couldn't have asked for a better day and location!
I brought some of my favorite "props" from Leo's birthday and I just about died when we tied them up on two random pumpkins we found while we were in the park.

 The owner, Janet,  of the Etsy shop Dainty Couture is actually going to offer a giveaway of these precious "ONE" hats for my readers in the next week, so keep your eye out for that. She also has REALLY adorable holiday items (trick or treat bags, stockings, etc), so check out her shop if you're in need.


Thankfully my mom was on hand to help keep Leo smiling for our photographer Dory (the same photographer who did our wedding) and also get a few BTS pics too.

It was windy and hot (even though we're dressed like its not!) but I can't wait to see the pictures the photographer took.


  1. My ovaries are a twinklin. These pictures are SO adorable!!!!!

  2. SO SO SWEET!!!!! This is just the cutest

  3. SO adorable!!! He has the best smile!

  4. So cute! I will also have to check out that Etsy shop!