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I think I talked about this book before - but if you haven't read it - put it on your list immediately!  One of my book clubs read it, and everyone really, really enjoyed it. If there was any complaint, it was that it was a tiny bit slow (and sometimes predictable) at parts, but overall, I couldn't put it down and enjoyed it from start to end. 

For the same book club - our book for next month is The Woman in the Window. It is not my typical type of book, and I'm actually a little scared to start it, so if you've read it, please tell me if its worth reading! 

I'm also doing my first Audible book for The Woman Who Smashed Codes. A neighborhood book club is doing this book for the month of October, and while also not my typical genre, it has been really interesting - especially since its based in Illinois.

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Such a fun, bright, extravagant rom-com. I saw it 1.5x because the first time I went, the power in the theater went out, so I went back this past week with my mom to watch it again.
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Age three is going to rock us around here. 

Leo has been seriously pushing boundaries, sassy, talk-backy, and FIERCELY independent. There are so many times during the day that I want to just rip my hair out of my head because it becomes so frustrating when you find yourself fighting with your toddler.

I've been listening to this podcast lately, and I really enjoy her perspective on things. The podcasts are short, smart, and make me feel quite a bit better about things.

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I've been bringing back a lot of my fall staples, but this is the only new dish that I've cooked in the last few weeks - and it's super simple and healthy. 
I used this recipe from Damn Delicious for her Sesame Ginger Salmon, and it was SO good. Served over brown rice and asparagus that I broiled on high with olive oil, balsamic glaze, and grated Parmesan.


I've really enjoyed our fall schedule. MWF - Leo is at school in the mornings for 2.5 hours. 

After school on Monday, the kids have a music class at the library with a bunch of our friends, so we scoot over there to fill our Monday.

On Tuesday afternoons, I have a sitter come from 3-6. 

Normally I run errands or schedule appointments, but last week, I treated myself to a beer and movie all on my own and it was heaven!


It was a jam packed week actually, because then on Thursday, I met Joel downtown for a Cubs game. The Cubs held on for as long as they could, and we were excited to be there for a win, but their season is officially over. 


I'm also doing a little fall shopping. I went yesterday to Nordstrom Rack and Old Navy and tomorrow I'm going to head to Gap and Janie and Jack. Those are pretty much the only stores I shop at for the kids with the occasional find at Tj.Maxx.


And that's the latest and the greatest around here! Please tell me when you've been RWLCDing too :)


  1. Reading: A Place For Us. Watching: This is Us and I’ll Have What Phil’s Having. Cooking: lots of soup! Listening to: podcasts about politics, travel, and teaching.

  2. Girl three is going to break me! And Oliver isn't even three yet! Everyone warned me and they were right! 😩 Definitely going to check out that podcast!

  3. Reading: Mrs. Queen Takes the Train (the perfect light, cozy naptime read... which is really the only time I get to read these days!).

    Watching: Finishing The Crown, always popping in for The Great British Baking Show episodes, and I just started The Office over from the beginning (my brain needed somewhere happy and funny to go to take a break, ha!)

    Cooking: Iowa Girl Eats Crockpot Quinoa, Sweet Potato, Turkey Chili and your chopped harvest salad!

    Listening: All podcasts - I Do Declare, The BigBoo Cast, Pantsuit Politics and The Armchair Expert (NOT kid friendly)

  4. Cubs game looks so fun. And you are not alone fighting with a toddler. EVERY DAY (it seems like) over here. Gah.