Day in the Life - [ as a SAHM of 2 ]

I can't believe my last update was a year and a half ago! Dang, how fast time flies! To catch anyone new up to speed - I'm a stay at home mom of two - Leo is 3 and Drew is 1. Leo goes to school MWF for a few hours in the morning, and we try to keep a busy schedule. 

I had the a few people suggest that my two younger sisters (Hannah (28) and Nellie (25)), capture the same day just to see how different they are - so that's what we all did. Last Wednesday, January 23rd. I'll do my best to get their days up here this week too.

As I mentioned yesterday, this was the day that we lost Joel's cousin.Joel and called me that morning to tell me the news - and while the pictures don't show our true heartbreak, you can rest assured that it was there. 

So - without further adieu - here's a random day in my life. 


6:30am - Joel wakes up super early and normally wakes me when he is getting into the shower. This morning it was right about 6:30am - which is pretty perfect for me 

a lot of my friends have asked how I listen to so many podcasts, and that's honestly because I have them playing all the time - from the second I get up normally. It helps wake me up as I make the bed and get dressed, and today I listened to these cute girls on "It Sounded Like a Good Idea". 

6:50am - Joel and I have a pretty balanced morning routine for getting everyone up and at them. When I wake up, he normally makes breakfast for himself and Leo which is a huge help. 

I sit down to have a cup of coffee and check in a few blogs while Joel gets Leo dressed and ready to roll. 

7:00am - They have their oatmeal, and at 7am - I go up and get Drew changed and dressed and then come down and give her a bottle as Joel kisses us goodbye and heads out the door. 

It's super snowy today - like - they probably should've called school off, but thankfully they didn't! 

7:15am - I let Leo watch a show in the "choo choo room" with a snack (even though he ate breakfast 12 seconds ago). 

7:43am - We load up everyone in the car and head to Leo's school. Drop off is at 7:50 and we live about 4 minutes away. 

7:49am - Every morning when I unclip Leo's carseat, he always asks me for some lipstick before school - and today he wanted to take a picture "looking at him" - which, teachable moment - he learned is a selfie. 

8:02am - Because it was super snowy, my girlfriend and her son came over to my house for a cup of coffee. She lives further from the school, and used my house as a little crash pad before running errands and then picking up her daughter. 

8:15am - We stayed in the kitchen for a half hour, chatted over a cup of coffee, and Drew and I ate our breakfast. We both had a piece of toast with peanut butter and a banana. 

8:45am - Drew and I left our friends at our house and drove over to the gym. They have a great Kidszone so I dropped Drew in there and then went to go set up for Strong - the class I took with a few other girlfriends. 

10:25: The class ended and after catching up with my girlfriends, I grabbed Drew and we headed to go pick up Leo at school. 

11:00am - Pretty much on all school and gym days, we get home and we get right into the bath. It's a nice way to get out of their germy clothes, and if we aren't leaving the house again, we normally go straight into jammies. 

11:25am - Strangely enough, Drew doesn't love the bath. Leo could hang out for an hour in there, but she is done after about ten minutes, so I get them both dressed in their pajamas and we head downstairs for lunch. 

I have been making a big batch of chicken salad on Monday's so I'm having that over arugula with a few wheat thins. 

Drew is having some fruit, some Bomba's from Trader Joe's and leftover meatballs, and Leo is subbing in a bagel for meatballs because he's a full blown vegetarian currently.

11:40am  - This next hour of my day is a little stressful - I try to get a lot done so that I have some free time when the kids are napping, so we sort of work like wildfire and seriously try to cram quite a bit in....

11:50am - After I shovel in my salad for lunch, the kids are still eating and I throw together dinner. We are doing CrockPot Cashew Chicken which is served over brown rice. It's a 5 minute prep which is amazing, and I end up precooking the brown rice too so that everything is really easy when dinner time hits. 


12: 10pm: The kids at this point are sometimes playing in the playroom, sometimes chasing each other, I'm putting out mini fires, and trying to get the kitchen cleaned up after lunch and dinner prep. 

12:25pm: I drag everyone upstairs so that I can get a load of laundry folded. I keep a weekly laundry schedule - and Wednesday's happen to be Joel's laundry day, which is my easiest day of the week because I don't put his clothes away, so after 10 minutes of folding, we're done. 

12:35pm - We go back downstairs to play in the playroom for twenty more minutes before Drew's nap. Drew is 50/50 with taking two naps a day, sometimes she'll do 1, sometimes 2, it truly just depends on the day. She does better with two naps, but it just didn't work out that way today. 

12:55pm: I put Drew up in her crib for a nap and decide to have Leo help me shovel the driveway. I load him up in all the gear and get out to shovel. 


Joel had shoveled in the morning, so I only have an inch or two of work to do which wasn't horrible - but I was already sore after my workout this morning so it was kind of tough. Leo basically just played in the snow but it was good for him to get a little fresh air. 

1:35pm - Leo and I got dried and went upstairs for his nap. We read one book, went through his bed time routine, and he fell asleep within 10 minutes which was a huge win.

1:45pm - I took advantage of my hour and took a really hot epsom salt bath, dried my hair, and got into another workout outfit because I have a Beer and Yoga class tonight with my girlfriends. And if you're counting - that makes my third workout for the day! That never happens! 


2:15pm: Both of the kids are still out, so I made a cup of tea, stole some of Leo's teddy grams, and cracked open Drew's baby book that arrived in the mail today. I used Shutterfly to make it and was really, really happy with the way it turned out - and really happy to cross that off my list too. 


2:55pm: Drewbie's up. I go upstairs and give her a half of a bottle while we listen to some music. My favorite winter pandora station is Steve Tyrrel - so we play in her room for a while before it's time to get Leo up. 


3:45pm - Both babes are up and ready for a snack. They both have pretzel sticks and hummus 

4:10pm: We decide to spend the hardest hour of the day in the basement to run off some energy. The kids love having so much space to run and play with outside toys, and I have a beer and listen to music while we play. 

5:15pm: It was a hard day for Joel's family, so I offered early in the day to have Joel's parents come and enjoy dinner with us. Everyone needed a little baby time - so we hung out together until Joel got home.

6:00pm - Overall, Leo is an ok eater, but he doesn't typically eat what we eat for dinner which I find to be annoying. He also doesn't eat ANY meat - but does get plenty of protein - so for dinner tonight he is having avocado toast, a hard boiled egg with Everything seasoning from TJ's, cheese and 2 bites worth of brown rice. Drewbie will eat what we eat which is cashew chicken and brown rice along with some of Leo's avocado. 

6:05pm: We all sit for dinner. And normally, no one has phones out, but unfortunately, Joel and his mom needed to be coordinating flights for family members.

6:35pm: My girlfriend Lauren picked me up from home to meet a few more girlfriends for Beer and Yoga at Crystal Lake Brewery. I actually think it worked out really well to give Joel some time alone with his parents, and I was really excited for a night out with my favorite girls.

7:00pm - 8:15pm: The yoga class is so fun. It's held in the brewing area of the brewery, and it's a really lovely class led my a certified yoga teacher. A lot of the moved incorporate the actual beer can so there's lots of laughing involved too. It was just what the doctor ordered. 

8:30pm- 9:45pm: We stayed for 2 more beers (if you're counting, that's 4 beers, and I had a legit hangover on Thursday morning!). We had the best night - I love these girls so much, they make my life so much fuller, and finally, just before the bar closed, my girlfriend Lauren drove us home.

10:10pm: I crawled into bed, took a big bottle of water upstairs, put on my eye mask and ear plugs and called it a day. 



  1. Have you posted your recipe for cashew chicken before? If not, I'd love it as my husband adores anything with cashews! Also, how fun is yoga in a brewhouse!

  2. What a busy day. Sounds like you have your schedule sorted though, so that you can have "you" time while also getting the kids taken care of. I do have to ask ... ear plugs at bed time? I don't think I could handle having anything in my ears when I sleep BUT it also has to be SUPER quiet for me to sleep. Fortunately, I live alone. :)

  3. Love these posts so much (and love Steve Tyrell). Can't wait to read about your sisters' days!