70 in July

First of all....Happy Birthday Nellie! Nellie is 16 today! She already has a car, so all she needs now is her license. Last night to celebrate, she sang a concert at the Dole. I'm so bummed that I missed it but I expect to see lots of pics and video's. Nellie is an outstanding singer (plus guitar player) so I know she did awesome last night. Below is a link of Birdie playing and singing.
Nellie Singing

This weekend was quite eventful. The big move happened! Starting on Saturday morning, Joel and I moved all of my stuff to the new apartment next door. It took us a good 10 hours. Not fun. However, the new apartment looks great (I'll post some pics after my workout this afternoon). I was really worried that my bedroom would be super cramped, but instead it's cozy. Everything has a spot and the bay window makes for a very pretty headboard. The light it brings in is so nice, I don't even want to put up my drapes. For the next month, Joel and I will be roomies.

Even though we had long days of moving in, the nights this weekend were very fun. On Friday, we finally got to Devotay. It was worth the wait. The restaurant is smaller than I would have thought, but reminds me of an old Chicago restaurant. I had great homemade sangria, we shared a grilled calamari and got a bowl of paella. Plus....a creme brulee! Saturday night, Jessica came into town, and Lauren, Jess, and I went out for Mexican. Emily also had friends in so Joel and I met Emily and her two adorable friends for drinks downtown. I started a new job on Sunday so we had to call it an early night. On Sunday morning's I'm now the nursery leader at a church for infants up to 5 year olds. It is such an easy and fun job, it just starts at 8am, which means I need to be up early. As for last night, Jessica and Matt popped over after dinner time and the four of us hung out on our new balcony. It was a very "adult" night. It wrapped up at about 9:30.

This week should be pretty standard. I'll be doing some more finishing touches on the new apartment, and hopefully going to see an outside movie. Iowa City has movies that play down by the old capitol and I keep missing them. Before the movie there's a concert and it looks like so much fun. On Thursday, they're playing E.T. A movie that I actually hate, but I'm going to go to anyways.

I'll be sure to post some pictures of the apartment a little bit later.

Until next time

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