Too much

Manic Monday!

Let's just say this weekend was so much fun (too much fun) that I'm still feeling the effects at 10 o'clock in the morning on Monday. Problematic.

Friday was very low key. Iowa City had major storms, so we rented a movie...College Roadtrip, featuring Raven-Symone...and ordered in pizza. I had to force Joel to watch the movie, but there was more than one occasion where he was the one laughing out loud. Katie was all alone at the apartment next door, and with lights browning out, so she ran over to our apartment in the torrential rain, and had a sleep over!

Saturday was a beautiful day. I ran a pretty decent 3 miles in the morning, and it wasn't horrible. I had wanted to run 4 miles, but my foot is just getting over a stress fracture and would not allow me to go any further than 3. Hopefully by next weekend I can do 4. Saturday night Katie's boyfriend, Dan, came in from Chicago with his brother Dave. Joel and I joined them for dinner at 3 Samurai. It was a very fun choice. The chef cooks at your table and has everyone involved. Not too mention the fabulous sushi I had. After a few martini's and saki bombs, the drinks just kept comin'. After dinner, we headed to DC's and played darts the entire night. Joel and I took "eco-cabs" home, which is a bike ride carriage thing, but when I got home...I didn't go to sleep. Instead, I got sick. Not a fun way to end our great weekend. Sunday morning I had to work at 8am - which wasn't fun at all. I felt so sick all day Sunday, and I'm still recovering. Ended up dragging myself out of bed to catch The Ugly Truth with Emily. I even brought soup into the movie. Both the soup and the really funny movie helped me feel much better. Including the lime la croix that Emily bought for me during the day which was the cutest thing ever.

Here are some pics from Saturday night

Our Chef was so awesome

My Dinner Date

Trying to catch broccoli = Success for everyone - Dave
We were convinced we couldn't catch it, but we both did!


Dan's first piece of sushi ever!

Katie's Holtkamp boys

Very good darts player


Not a very good darts player! ;)

Playin 501

I loved that you were here this summer!

Our awesome cab ride home

It wasn't as fast as my face makes it look!

Overall, it was a great weekend.

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