Summer School

First of all, I have no idea why my font is being underlined but I can't seem to un-underline. Well, looks like I somehow figured it out, sweet! This week is the last week of summer school - WOO WOO! August is going to be a really fun month, and looking back on June and July, it's been short but very sweet. I was so lucky that Joel was able to be in Iowa City and I think we both really enjoyed our time here.

Yesterday I took the 2 little girls I babysit for to the Children's Museum. Caroline and J loved it!

Rock Climbin'

At the faux Children's Muesum

Loved the grocery store

Caroline and J

Putting on a puppet show for me

All summer, for 9 weeks, the same group of great people have been in class together. There is only eleven of us so we have become really good friends who know weird details about each other (+50 cousins, burst appendixes, dream wedding plans, car colors, etc.) Since Friday is our last day we all went out to dinner. We were missing 3 people out of the bunch but the rest of us had a really good time. After dinner (i.e. almost 11pm...that was annoying!) most of us headed out to a few bars. I can honestly say that they're the only thing that I'm going to miss about summer school :)

Kevin tried to attempt the Airbus......didn't even get through 1/2
If YOU decide to try it, we'd advise having a doctor at your table with you.
Risk of heart attack increases with every bite.

The pimp :)

We made it to Bo James for country night and Jill was VERY excited!

Me & Kim

And Joel finally got to meet all of the people I've been non-stop talkng about all summer

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